1 BTC = 1 BTC: Bitcoin wallet Samourai no longer displays Wallet balance in Fiat currencies


Focuses on privacy of transactions in the Bitcoin network the crypto Samourai Wallet removed from your application the conversion of crypto to Fiat. From now on, users will see the account balance only in BTC or satoshi.

In the latest update of the Samourai purse Wallet added many small features and support for 12 new languages, but the most interesting change was the modification of the display of wallet balance. Samourai Wallet no longer recalculates user bitcoin accounts in USD on the current exchange rate, and the users available balance display only in the native bitcoin wallet: bitcoin or fractional minimum size — Satoshi.

According to the developers, this decision was made because the creators of the app “believe in the fundamental basics of bitcoin, which is independent of the Fiat global currency of the Internet”. The developers want to convey to clients the idea that effecting transactions in the Bitcoin network and taking a direct part in the bitcoin economy, they operate only bitcoin and no other. “1 BTC = 1 BTC”.

And although some users expressed dissatisfaction with the change, representatives Samourai Wallet still said that, in their opinion, the rejection of the conversion of bitcoin to Fiat is a necessity, which in the future will help rebuild the thinking of many of bitminer.

Recall that recently the developers of the Samourai purse Wallet promised to ensure the privacy of user data Bitcoins through cooperation between digital wallets and launched a new service “Cache”. Stash Samourai will allow account holders to create a private exchange channels without exposing bitcoin addresses.

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