10 favorable countries for supporters of the cryptocurrency


10 favorable countries for supporters of the cryptocurrency

Today, the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market is so appreciated all over the world, many countries, such as Puerto Rico, Malta and the Philippines, all the forces struggling for influence in this industry. The question is, which country will win cryptohome?

1. Puerto Rico- Portopia

For many years Puerto Rico is suffering from economic instability, however, the new wave of cryptocurrency business due to favorable tax rates and close ties with the United States — were received with enthusiasm, because the country wants to regain its former status. American actor and entrepreneur Brock pierce at the helm of the burgeoning group of “bitcoin millionaires” building a business in this tropical Paradise to make it their new home. His goal is to create a crypto utopia, thus helping those who are trying to get out of poverty in the region.

2. Malta — the Blockchain-the island

Population, including Junior Minister of Finance of Malta Silvio Schembri excited about the opportunities to attract foreign investments that come to the island with cryptocurrency companies. Binance, Tron and OKEx already made Malta a base for their companies. And “small country-the winner of the” inspire other countries by example. Given that English is recognised as the official language, tax rates are low, and the rules for cryptocurrency clearly defined, it is not surprising that Malta frequently prefer as a place for the development of cryptoprocta.

3. Philippines — a Paradise for cryptocurrencies

Geography of the Philippines is as diverse and how her interest in cryptocurrencies and the Philippine government and the Central Bank has already acknowledged the prospects of this technology. Seeing the potential for the promotion of its developing economy, the authorities have adopted an official policy to encourage the promotion of innovation. 5 million people from 100 million people already own cryptocephalinae. MergeCommit, Bloom Solutions and Satoshi Citadel also saw the potential and took the chance to place your business in this Paradise.

4. Costa Rica- Tropical technologies

Costa Rica is a really attractive country for supporters of the cryptocurrency. To show their respect for the industry, employers can now partially to give their employees salary in bitcoin. Panting from unemployment and public debt, Costa Rica is ready to go to market cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to change the situation in the country. Costa Rica has welcomed the Green Earth Zero and BlockchainCR, and several other blockchain-companies.

5. Georgia — East Greenhouse

Georgia is a rising star on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Eastern Europe. Strategically advantageous position between Europe and Russia, very low tax rates — these factors along with the low cost of electricity make Georgia an ideal place for bitcoin mining. In fact, it ranks second in the world for bitcoin mining (in the first place China). Among the blockchain-companies located in Georgia, including Cyber Infrastructure Inc, Patientory and 10Clouds Dedicated Developers.

6. Gibraltar — rock-solid performer

Despite its small size, the blockchain universe Gibraltar has a considerable weight. With a strong economy, low import duties and officially registered cryptocurrency exchange (a subsidiary of the Stock exchange of the country), Gibraltar is fast becoming a haven for European cryptobytes. Exchange Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange for trading blockchain technology is attracting interest from across the continent. On the “Rock” moved Lendo, and it is likely that other large companies will soon follow this example.

7. Liechtenstein — Principality of bitcoin

Liechtenstein maybe hard to see on the world map, but on maps of cryptomeria it — the figure is visible. Membership in the European economic area allows it to circumvent some of the onerous EU regulation, while continuing to trade on the continent. The country is already in the air, Chainium and Vimana, and the government plans to turn Liechtenstein into the open to cryptocurrencies European country with the new rules — for example, with the introduction of the Law on the blockchain.

8. Denmark — Northern lights

The way Denmark — the new epicenter of the blockchain universe! Her highly developed economy attracted large blockchain players, and because they are seriously interested in the development of the blockchain-business, engaged in the preparation of a fertile ground for the industry with a low tax rate and soft law. It is easy to understand why the blockchain is the company so attractive to the market.

9. Netherlands — Dutch courage

Known for its liberalism, the Netherlands is, of course, also did not stay aside and intercepted the blockchain relay settled here Dutchchain and FoodInsights. The government also supports a bold approach, considering cryptocurrency as a “low-risk” in relation to financial stability. Besides, in Amsterdam there were “bitcoin Embassy” with the highest density of bitcoin ATMs in the world, while in parallel the government is experimenting with its own and establishes a De Nederlandsche Bank BNBcoin.

10. Singapore — Bank of the blockchain

Interest in innovative FINTECH in Singapore obvious. Mainly concentrated in the capital of the blockchain-business is booming at a greatly reduced tax rate. LINEл is just one of the major players in the blockchain sector, entered the market of Singapore. In this country, where mixed English, Malay and Chinese, and tekhnobiznes thriving, innovative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market is undeniable.

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