11-year-old son CEO of Google mines cryptocurrency


CEO of Google Sundar Pichai admitted that his son is engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies on a home computer and knows about the work the blockchain-Ethereum more than about the US financial system. Informed about their child’s fascination with mining, told Google founder Sergey Brin.

11-year-old son of the General Director of Google Sundar Picha uses home computer for mining Ethereum tokens. About Pichai told the conference the New York Times DealBook.

According to him, the son said the head of Google about it during dinner a week ago. In response to the news Pichai explained to the son how does the monetary system and paper money.

“I realized that he is more versed in blockchain-Ethereum than paper currency. I had to talk to him about the banking system, to explain its importance. It was a good conversation,” added the CEO of Google.

On July blockchain conference in Morocco Google founder Sergey Brin also said that together with his son produces a broadcast on a home computer for video games.

Additionally, in December of last year a couple from Simferopol named his newborn son Bitcoin.

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