12 Dec Intercontinental Exchange launch bitcoin futures platform Bakkt


12 Dec Intercontinental Exchange launch bitcoin futures platform Bakkt

The world’s largest futures market operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the new York stock exchange, announced that 12 December 2018 plans to launch futures on bitcoin on its trading platform Bakkt.

Of intent to provide traders with the tools associated with the cryptocurrency, the company announced back in may, when we started to develop the service. Platform Bakkt will allow traders to work with the daily bitcoin futures equivalent to one coin. Digital assets are stored in a special service and provided “physical” BTC. Initially, the contracts will be traded against USD, GBP, EUR.

Earlier, representatives of ICE were told that the platform is not will be provided the opportunity of margin trading. According to them, the rejection of the levers should help to make the market more honest, trusting and pricing that will improve the long-term prospects for virtual currency.

In December 2017 exchange CME and CBOE launched its own futures contracts on bitcoin, which led to the rapid growth of virtual currencies, followed by a protracted decline. Experts say that such a model of market behavior is not random. It is characteristic of all underlying assets at the time of the launch of new futures. Essentially, this means that in December we can expect a certain repeat of last year’s speakers.

Another global giant, Visa, is also introducing blockchain technology into its services. In the first quarter of 2019, the company integrates open source Hyperledger Fabric in its platform for enterprise payments B2B Connect.

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