15-year-old hacker broke into the crypto John McAfee


15-year-old hacker broke into the crypto John McAfee

Cryptocurrency wallet Bitfi from John McAfee is the Creator liked “unbreakable” and promised for his break-a reward of 250 000 dollars, was hacked a 15-year-old teenager named Salem Rashid. Earlier, Rashid has helped to find vulnerabilities in hardware wallets. In 2017 Salem collaborated with mark Frauenfelder, Creator wallet, best wallet, and tried to find vulnerability in this product.

Hacking… and DOOM?

After breaking a 15-year-old Salem Rashid has launched crypto Bitfi popular shooter of the 90-ies of — DOOM. The guy backed up his statements with a video on his page in social network Twitter.

In recognition of @Bitfi6 and @officialmcafee and their prestigious @PwnieAwards accolades, we’d like to show you @spudowiar playing DooM on his #BitFi secure wallet! Congratulations! pic.twitter.com/50qZZu1MnF

— Abe Snowman (@AbeSnowman) August 9, 2018

The idea is that now the Salem needs to get their $ 250,000, but the founder of crypto-currency wallet John McAfee disagree with the statement press that Bitfi was hacked, on Twitter the eccentric supporter of the digital currency wrote:

“The press, declares that BitFi was hacked. Nonsense. The wallet service is compromised, when someone steals there coins. Nobody received any coins. Getting root access in an attempt to get coins is not hacking. It’s a failed attempt. All these supposed “hacks” are unable to get coins”.

The press claiming the BitFi wallet has been hacked. Utter nonsense. The wallet is hacked when someone gets the coins. No-one got any coins. Gaining root access in an attempt to get the coins is not a hack. It’s a failed attempt. All these alleged “hacks” did not get the coins.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) August 3, 2018

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