18 000 BTC were combined with the e-wallet associated with BitMEX




Approximately 18,000 bitcoins (BTC) has recently been transferred to the purse, which is believed to be associated with BitMEX, a major trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies. According Freedman.club, the total value of these coins now exceeds 114 million dollars. Twitter users said that BitMEX may be trying to manipulate the market. Huge BTC transfer can also be an attempt to securely store the coins in cold storage.

Seventeen different cryptographic wallets have been involved in the transfer of BTC, the first transaction took place at 4:50 am new York time. In that time, only 10 BTC were transferred to a wallet associated with Betekom, in the first transaction 16 other crypto wallets gave in total 17 990 BTC to wallet Bitmex less than half an hour after the first transfer of the BTC. Apparently the first transaction was a test.

Manipulation of the market, a mass sale?

Soon after the transfer of the coins into the purse, which, as you know, belongs to BitMEX, a number of Twitter users suggested that cryptococcoma platform involved in market manipulation. It is noteworthy that solid consolidation bitcoins to wallet of the exchange occurred just hours before the price of the flagship cryptocurrency recovered below $ 6000 dollars.

Although many cryptobiina accused of attempting to manipulate market prices, in this case that seems unlikely since 18 000 BTC consolidated purse Bitmex constitute only 0.1% of all bitcoins in circulation. But despite this, this volume is enough to collect money from unskilled users.

Often crypto “whales”, such as carers as you know Mt Gox, combine a very large number of coins to a single address right before selling them. As reported by Freedman.club in March, a Trustee of Mt Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi has sold a BTC worth $ 400 million, many believe that this has had a significant impact on the prices of the cryptocurrency market.

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