23% of respondents in Hong Kong want to invest in cryptocurrency to avoid the consequences of possible economic crisis




The study showed that up to 23 percent of Hong Kong citizens “will consider the possibility of investing” in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin to hedge the potential financial crisis that, according to some respondents, will come in a year.

According To Yahoo! financial study Association Blockchain Hong Kong (HKBA), showed that 46 percent of respondents believe that the economic crisis must occur because of the trade war that might happen between the US and China.

Trade war for each Respondent can have devastating consequences, as it will affect the stock market. For investors, Hong Kong crypto operations can help to hedge the economic downturn, because cryptocurrencies thrive separately from Fiat. The survey HKBA has revealed that investors are looking for “more investment channels to support the growth of capital” that contributes to the success of virtual currencies.

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