3 reasons for the recovery of bitcoin prices


Hacking crypto currency exchange and pressure from the financial institutions has negatively affected the course of bitcoin. However, experts believe that bitcoin will recover, and there are 3 reasons.

The TOP 3 factors that will contribute to the recovery of prices:

  • Protection from hacker attacks. The news about the hacking of the largest exchange can negatively impact the entire cryptocurrency market. But what doesn’t kill bitcoin makes it stronger. Repeated break-ins and hacker attacks will lead to the fact that bitcoin and other digital currencies will be improved. Christian ferry, President BlockStar, said: “As with any technology for cryptocurrency break will be painful, but it will be an important factor in strengthening the cryptosystem, which will make her more secure. This is key for mass adoption of the digital asset”.
  • Investment giants. Major financial institutions are already investing significant funds and hire professionals to research trading opportunities of bitcoin. NASDAQ has announced the launch of the futures market of cryptocurrencies. Already this month under the control of NASDAQ will be running platform-exchanger DX.Exchange. Company Goldman Sachs last month, has offered its customers future contracts bitcoin. ICE, the parent company of the new York stock exchange (NYSE) is developing its own trading platform that will allow investors from wall street to trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Cheaper transactions. From the point of view of technology, bitcoin has made significant progress in solving the basic problems of network scalability. Technology SegWit, Lightning Network and Multi-Path Lightning Payments reduce the fees for transactions and provide better throughput. We should also mention the launch of Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 activated Protocol SegWit. Currently, about 40% of the bitcoin transactions are processed using SegWit.
  • The cryptocurrency, which is more than 300 times predicted the collapse and death, a very interesting future. Experts believe that the history of bitcoin is not yet completed, and should expect new highs.

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    04.05.2018: What you need to bitcoin reached a new high? TOP 5 issues currency

    After 3-month drop, Bitcoin is gradually restored. Now bitcoin is trading at $ 9600-9700, but whether cryptocurrency to return to the same height?

    The TOP 5 problems that need to be addressed:

  • Improving the safety. If bitcoin wants to become the analog of a common currency (medium of exchange and measure of value), it is necessary to create a more comfortable and safe for the user infrastructure. Christian Ferri, CEO of BlockStar said: “If bitcoin will be used as a valuable asset (for example, digital gold), to enhance the credibility of financial means to improve infrastructure security of the cryptosystem. It is very important the scale of the ecosystem“.
  • Stabilization of prices. To make bitcoin a viable currency needs to stabilize the price with the enhancements of the Protocol. If bitcoin (or fork) will be used for everyday transactions, the desired stability mechanism. People need to be sure that you bought today for $2 tomorrow coffee will not cost $50.
  • Institutional investment. To achieve new highs bitcoin need a lot of money. Darren Marble from CrowdfundX says that the key to growth of bitcoin in the hands of institutional investors. The expert is sure that the influx of money from institutions that invest in the cryptocurrency funds, will cause the avalanche effect, causing investors to actively support the digital currency. While buying cryptocurrency prevents concern about the safety, liquidity risk and storage assets.
  • Regulation of exchanges and exchange offices. If investors are confident that trading platforms regulated as asset protection is improved, the flow of funds will be more active.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds. These funds will help to facilitate trade through the brokerage account and will contribute to the increase in prices and popularity of digital currencies.
  • In General, experts believe that the return of bitcoin to their previous highs – a question of time, and existing problems can be solved within a year.


    25.04.2018: Tim Draper: “Bitcoin is more important than the industrial revolution and the Internet”

    And known cryptocurrency venture capitalist Tim Draper during the debate, Intelligence Squared US has stated that it considers bitcoin even more valuable than the Internet and industrial revolution.

    According to Draper, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency will bring more profits than his investments in Skype, Tesla and Hotmail. The technology of the blockchain crypto is more important than the previous design.

    “It is more important than the Iron age, the Renaissance or the industrial revolution. In 5 years people will laugh if you buy a normal money, not digital. Sooner or later the time will come when people will not want to use Fiat currency“.

    Draper believes that the main means of payment will bitcoin. Soon it will dominate Althingi and become the market leader. Draper said he will not give up its forecast that after 4 years Bitcoin will be worth $250 000. Other experts are less optimistic, but also believe that by the end of the year bitcoin will rise considerably in price. Tim Draper has already bought about 30,000 bitcoins at auction and is not going to get rid of them. At the moment the total value of its assets of more than $268 million.


    17.04.2018: Bitcoin will cost a minimum of $20 000 by 2019 – TOP 10 expert opinions

    Despite the precarious position of bitcoin in the first quarter of 2018, experts continue to give optimistic forecasts. Financial experts and traders think that by December there is a mass change, and the price of Bitcoin will rise sharply.

    TOP 10 predictions experts:

  • Pantera Capital. The General Director of investment company Dan Morehead said that “rarely experienced such confidence in the timing, and believes that by the end of 2018, the bitcoin will cost $20 000“.
  • Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee. Famous co-founder of Fundstrat and financial analyst reiterated his forecast and believes that a bear market loosens his grip. Lee estimates that by 2019 the world’s first cryptocurrency comes to the level of $25 000, and by 2022, its price will be over $100 000.
  • Max Keiser. The owner of Russia Today optimistic towards bitcoin. He wrote: “$28 000 is only $8000 more than the record high of last year, it’s real”.
  • Alistair Milne, an entrepreneur and investor. After analyzing the predictions, the investor thinks bitcoin will be worth $35 000. Its price will rise until the end of 2019, because in 2020 the remuneration to miners will again be reduced by 50%.
  • Anthony Ambriano. Analyst at Full Tilt believes that by December 2018 bitcoin in 2,5 times will exceed last year’s record and has a chance to reach the mark of$50 000.
  • John Pfeffer. London-based investor in January presented a report with analysis of possible scenarios of the price of bitcoin. He claims that $75 000 is quite a realistic forecast for 2018.
  • Kay Van-Petersen. Analyst at Saxo Bank stated that bitcoin will still continue to grow. Despite the current downtrend, bitcoin will tend to the mark of$100,000.
  • Tim Draper. Predicts $250 000 by 2022.
  • Brian Kelly. Shares the view of Tim Draper and believes that in 4 years bitcoin will be able to make a giant leap.
  • John McAfee. The most optimistic investor. He believes that in 2020 bitcoin will reach $1 million.
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