3 reasons to follow Cardano in 2019


What is remarkable cryptoprocta Cardano.

The project Cardano (ADA) included in the list of 10 biggest cryptocurrency. Its market capitalization is nearly $ 2 billion. Along with Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) Cardano refers to a rare type of projects that have managed to achieve sustainable development despite the unfavourable situation on the market.

Charles Hoskinson, head of Cardano and IOHK, after a dispute with acne Baterina left Twitter and social media, but he consistently releases videos about the state and development of the project.

Since ICO Cardano has come a long way. Here are a few reasons why you should closely monitor the project in 2019:

Charles Hoskinson, head IOHK and Cardano Foundation

Some crypto-currencies stand out as a unique image in the community. Similarly, the founders and the members of the team represent separate projects — without them they simply would not exist.

In the case of Cardano’s such a charismatic figure stands Charles Hoskinson, although he is not trying to promote yourself outside the community Cardano and deals exclusively with informing the public about the state of Affairs in your favorite blockchain.

Thanks to his care for the community of Hockinson, perhaps, be called one of the most memorable figures in the cryptocurrency space. He heads two of the three operating structures in the composition of Cardano and ADA.

Given the extensive experience with bloccano Dating back to the beginnings Ethereum, Hoskinson is the driving force of the whole project.

One recent typical cases for an open appeal to the Board of Directors Cardano Foundation, often criticized for “two years of frustration among community ADA”. Together with the head of another member of the ADA project, the Japanese company Emurgo, Hoskinson wrote a letter in which he said that the current head of the Board of Directors Cardano Foundation “paralyzed” and called on the community of ADA and the Board of Trustees for action.

This is just a cursory glance at the philosophy of democratized technology of the blockchain and significant changes that Hoskinson prepares for his team. They aim to accelerate progress Cardano and increase the popularity of ADA.

The rich experience of Hoskinson can become the basis for a global breakthrough.

The solution to scalability issues

Cardano actively working to address one of the major problems in the space of the blockchain by creating a fully scalable network.

The main objective of ADA is simple and cheap financial solution for the three billion people currently without access to traditional banking services. That is why the network needs to cope with any increased traffic. This can be achieved only through a flexible and scalable ecosystem.

In one of his recent visits to the community of Hockinson said that the team is working on the first study on the topic of parallel chains and the concept of sharding. With their help, she hopes to solve the problem of scalability.

Having achieved success in this direction, the ADA one step closer to the definition of cryptocurrency, third generation. This is another reason to look at Cardano in 2019.

Listing on Coinbase

One of the main hopes in the draft is closely linked with the Coinbase message about a possible listing of the ADA.

In July, the largest cryptocurrency has declared that considers the inclusion of ADA in list of supported digital currencies.

At Coinbase more than 20 million registered users. Listing on the exchange will significantly increase the liquidity of the ADA and may increase its value next year.

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