3 reasons to invest in Ethereum, but not in bitcoin


Brian Kelly, captainvalor and chief Executive officer of the investment firm BKCM suggests that investing in Ethereum is more promising than bitcoin. And there are three reasons.

3 reasons to invest in Ethereum:

  • Ethereum futures. After researching the air Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it does not consider the digital asset securities and will not be adjusted. Kelly said that now the futures Ethereum road is open, however, the investor forgets the reverse side of the coin: the launch of futures may derail the price of cryptocurrency, as it happened with bitcoin. In addition, many believe that the emergence of the futures contracts increases market abuse.
  • Augur. Decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The largest prediction market (roughly speaking, exchange to predict outcomes of events). If the augur will not collapse the price of air, the effect of the launch of the platform will be very positive.
  • Proof-of-Stake. The transition Ethereum for this algorithm is another factor which will accelerate the growth of cryptocurrencies. This is a serious step to solving the problem of scalability. Recently, the Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin said that will also be used protocols, Sharding and Plasma – it will allow to increase system performance 10 000 times.
  • Investors should be aware that although Ethereum and Bitcoin are rivals in market capitalization, they do not compete in the field of technology development. But on the direct competitors of Ethereum cryptocurrency like EOS all the improvements of the system will have a negative impact.

    Previously on this topic in the news:

    29.05.2018: Ethereum Network is developing: a year on the platform released more than 700 1090 tokens and applications

    According to analysts, in 2017 in Ethereum appeared 1090 decentralized applications and more than 700 tokens. Christian Crowley, business analyst at Ethereum Alethio said that every day to the ecosystem Ethereum joins 100,000 new users.

    “Every day the ETH network handles over 1 million transactions. At the moment, this network has 29.2 million unique addresses,” said Crowley, speaking on may 28 at the “ConsenSys Community Day“, the purpose of the meeting is to popularize ETH in Israel.

    Vanessa Grille, Executive Director, ConsenSys, developer AT Ethereum from new York noted that blockchain technology has a huge potential for solving many problems. Jeremy Millar, the head of Department on work with staff in ConsenSys said that the main issue that you need to meet people who are interested in the integration of the blockchain in business is: “I create a blockchain for business or business for the blockchain?” – Millar argues that we need to pursue both goals.

    Ethereum is a popular platform on which every created dozens of new applications and tokens. However, the course of bitcoin ETH was surprised by a sharp drop. Experts believe that this is due to the actions of the developers of the EOS project, which is considered the main competitor to Ethereum.


    29.05.2018: the fall in the price of Ethereum is EOS?

    During the day, Ethereum fell by 9% and now trading at $520. This phenomenon is explained by deliberate actions by the developers of EOS. On the stock exchange Bitfinex there was a mass sale of ETH, after which the air and began to rapidly fall in price.

    Trading volume for ETH on the stock exchange increased by 9 times from 20 to 180 thousand tokens. Experts say that is not insider trading – the volume is too small, and it focuses only on one exchange.

    Dangerous EOS for Ethereum?

    During the token sale of EOS fees was carried out in the ETH – a cunning move by the developers of the project. A few days ago, the accumulated funds have started to “merge” on the exchanges. First, it spent about 1 million ETH, then another 300 000 ETH. According to preliminary calculations, the team left another 1.1 million ETH.

    Bulk sale of broadcast started after receipt of funds from the purse EOS-Owner. This happened on the background of events that cryptocurrency exchange Binance included in the listing of digital assets EOS. On the eve of the launch of the core network of the EOS project interest in the token, and so is heated in various ways, and now developers use it to destabilize Ethereum.

    Recall that the EOS platform is considered the main competitor to Ethereum – according to the developers, it will be more functional and scalable.


    04.04.2018: Bitcoin losing ground, and the popularity of Ethereum is growing

    After analyzing the number of search queries, the analysts concluded that over the past six months, users drew attention to the often Ethereum than Bitcoin.

    Internet service provider of India Jana analyzed the queries for the cryptocurrency. 34.4% of queries account for Ethereum, and 29.9 per cent on bitcoin. 21.2% of people were interested in BuyUCoin (NEM). The rest of the cryptocurrency is not more than 15%.

    Last week was interested in Ethereum twice more usersthan bitcoin. The peak of public interest in cryptocurrencies occurred in the month of December. Since then, the excitement died down, and the number of requests decreased by 30%. After a sharp fall of bitcoin, investors turned to other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum have a powerful platform and a lot of interesting projects, because the popularity of digital assets higher.

    After the Indian authorities refused to accept cryptocurrency and have even begun to close the exchanges, users started to look for alternatives. Almost 40% of users noticed Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unocoinlocated in Bangalore. Slightly inferior in popularity to the exchanger Zebpay – its headquarters is located in Singapore, it was visited by 30% of users.


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