42% of the largest universities in the world offer cryptocore


42% of the largest universities in the world offer cryptocore

Held the biggest crypto currency exchange Coinbase, a US study shows that more than 40% of the leading universities around the world offer at least one course associated with blochnaya and cryptovirology, and 25% of all students reported that they would attend these courses.

The study was conducted in partnership with Qriously, a London ad-tech company. Edtech is advertising technology, advertising technology, Analytics and various digital tools used to increase the efficiency of advertising messages for mobile applications.

So, Coinbase and Qriously proposals were reviewed by the fifty top universities in the world (according to the rating of US News & World Report) and found that in 42% of cases they offer the blockchain and cryptococci.

During the study, staff interviewed Qriously 675 students and professors. A quarter of students said they would visit at least one of the courses offered, and teacher of an American business school that in only four years the number of students, listening to his course about blockchain has grown from 35 to 230.

One of the students of the faculty of Finance new York Stern School of Business said that in the future most financial information is stored in distributed networks, and because students now need to obtain knowledge concerning the structure and principles of functioning of such systems. But the popularity of these courses, he connects not only with the interest of students to new technologies, but with the increase in demand for specialists in the field of blockchain.

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