5 000 sales outlets in Chile have begun to accept cryptocurrencies


Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Crypto MKT announced that citizens can now buy goods and services for the cryptocurrency at more than 5,000 retail stores. To give access to your business and customers to payments in the digital currency has enabled a new partnership with cryptocurrency exchange processing service.

According to the report, the partnership between Crypto-MKT online-platform Flow.CL has allowed merchants to add cryptocurrency as a payment option through a platform called CryptoCompra.

CryptoCompra available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe and allows customers to pay with bitcoin, ether and Stellar Lumen, while sellers receive payments in Fiat.

Exchange Crypto-MKT, in turn, provides payment services services of the guarantor Fund, which provides a guarantee that payment in bitcoin would be affected by sharp fluctuations.

“We are creating a guarantee Fund which will allow cryptopedia without fear of strong price fluctuations in bitcoin, Ethereum and stellar. This option gives the tranquility and safety of the client, protecting him from such “surprises” when you pay”.

It is noteworthy that a few months ago in Chile, a real war broke out between national banks and cryptocurrency exchanges of the country. Banks of Chile has decided to block and suspend account services marketplaces, in response to which the Chilean stock exchange has applied to the regulator for clarification of the situation and proceeded to appeal the decision of the banks in court. The antitrust court of Chile and later ordered to resume the banking of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

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