5 altcoins that are worth investing in the future


Charlie Lee, the Litecoin founder, said that before buying altcoins, you need to buy at least one bitcoin. With him a disagree for two reasons: first, emission of bitcoins is limited and token is not enough at all, and secondly, there are more promising investments.

We offer you the TOP 5 altcoins, worthy of investor attention in the near future:

1. Ethereum Classic (ETC). Cryptocurrency, the result of hard forks. Experts predict that soon it will rise in price. This is due to the fact that the exchange Coinbase will add the asset in the listing, as well as improvements to the network. After the update throughput of the blockchain grew from 17 to 47 thousand transactions. The number of users in just a few months increased by 70%.

2. Zcash for (ZEC). Cryptocurrency created to support anonymous transactions. The first licensed exchange zcash for became Winklevoss, the Twin-led Gemini Exchange. Also in the near future the asset will be added to the listing Coinbase.

3. Augur (REP). This is not your typical crypto currency, it was created for the market forecasts and predictions. 9 Jul platform has finally been launched, and has already received the support of more than 500 projects. Augur is considered one of the most promising platforms for creating decentralized applications.

4. MCO (MCO). Earlier, the cryptocurrency was known under the name of Mopso. This project offers a trading platform with its own credit system and mobile wallet. Also, the developers are partners Visa, so can issue their own debit cards. The creators recently announced the purchase of the domain crypto.com. The project is expected to be rebranded, which can boost its value.

5. Network Loom (LOOM). The platform, created based on Ethereum, focused mainly on the playing field. Allows developers to create and run large-scale decentralized applications. Each application its own blockchain – so the creators of the project, reduce the load on the network and give the project the ability to scale.

Previously on this topic in the news:

26.06.2018: Why fall cryptocurrency? – 5 reasons

Last year the digital asset has grown by leaps and bounds. During the year the capitalization of the cryptocurrency rose from $17.7 billion to $613 billion, a growth of 3300%! In 2018, the virtual currency fell to a minimum, and there are 5 reasons.

5 reasons for the fall of cryptocurrency:

  • Technologies are not yet popular. The most important technology in the cryptocurrency is the blockchain, a decentralized block chain, which is responsible for processing, conducting monetary transactions and saving data. Blockchain technology can be implemented in the field of transportation, medicine, Finance, logistics, but experts do not hurry. While businesses and organizations are not willing to use unproven technology that has not demonstrated the ability to scale. News of intentions go out every day, but real examples yet.
  • Cryptocurrencies have no purpose. There is no catalyst, or the need for investors to switch to digital currency. That is Fiat money and traditional translations in the foreseeable future will dominate. Take the bitcoin. Most often it is bought in exchange for other digital assets and quick profits, but not in order to use in real life. Without the expressed usefulness of the cryptocurrencies are unlikely to be popular.
  • A hacker attack. Breaking the Bank is unlikely to collapse the price of gold or currencies with cryptocurrencies it is not so simple. According to the analysis of Carbon Black just for 5 months was stolen cryptocurrency worth more than $1 billion. This is followed by important consequences: firstly, it is an indication that the blockchain and cryptocurrency is not as protected as the developers say, secondly, without additional precautions it is impossible to obtain the trust of retail investors and financiers on wall street.
  • The interdependence of cryptocurrency. Regardless of how many crypto currency is your portfolio most of the assets follows the movement of bitcoin. No traditional fundamental indicators that investors can use to assess asset. Long-term course of cryptocurrency to predict, no one can.
  • The disinterest of institutional investors. Most investors on wall street are sitting on the fence. They are not eager to invest in decentralized assets, because of the high risk of theft or fraud. Companies that have already reached the cryptocurrency market, actively manipulate the course and contribute to its further decline. Thus, in particular, occurred after the introduction of futures on bitcoin.
  • News

    31.05.2018: 4 reasons why retailers profitable to have their own cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving. According to experts, in the world more than 1500 varieties of digital currencies, and every day appear all new and new assets. It is not excluded that soon every shopping network will be its own cryptocurrency. Why is it beneficial?

    4 reasons the launch of cryptocurrency:

  • High yield. The blockchain technology greatly simplifies various business operations. For example, the loyalty system, based on the technology of distributed registries will not only enable you to track the movement of funds, but will also simplify record-keeping, finding your target audience will allow you to create your own ecosystem to interact with customers. The blockchain could become a replacement of accounting books and systems of logistics.
  • Mutual benefit. In the past year, the network of Burger King in Russia wanted to launch Whoppercoin. Spending rubles, customers earn free Whoppercoin (for 1 ruble – 1 Whoppercoin). You can use them to buy other food network Burger King. Store crypto-currency in the wallet on any smartphone. Was released on 1 billion tokens and additional emission, however, while still at the level of the experiment.
  • Security. Blockchain technology is considered one of the safest and most effective for tracking and processing transactions. For retailers, more likely to prevent a hacker attack on the system. According to statistics, only in the US due to hacking of websites and companies are losing more than $15 million to Bypass the security of the blockchain is much more complicated as for conducting some transactions will require hacking all the other elements in the chain.
  • A new kind of income. Cryptocurrency can become a new means of storing, exchange and measure of value in addition to Vietnam and virtual money. Merchants have the right to decide how to use their tokens, reduces the time of the transaction fees. Users this is beneficial, because they get rewarded for purchases, and retail network have full control over their ecosystem.
  • There are many myths about the blockchain, but it’s a promising technology, which should not be underestimated. It may well become the basis of most online stores and retailers.


    18.05.2018: Bitcoin is no longer popular! China has made a rating of TOP 10 cryptocurrencies

    China has published a ranking of the TOP 10 most popular cryptocurrencies. Digital assets were assessed according to 3 criteria: technology, innovation, application. The results are shocking: Bitcoin was not included even in the top ten.

    Considered 28 of cryptocurrency, the rating is as follows:

  • First place went to an Ethereum – he was awarded maximum scores in innovation and technology.
  • Steem – cryptocurrency social network Steemit to distribute content. The platform is characterized by high transaction speed and reliability.
  • Lisk. A decentralized platform for building applicationsbased Ethereum developers that left the project.
  • NEO. Competitor broadcast, also is a platform with smart contracts for decentralized applications.
  • Komodo. Digital currency combined quality and zcash for bitcoin. A high degree of protection through innovative protocols, secure payment system.
  • Stellar. The platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of Fiat currency and cryptocurrency, as well as payments.
  • Cardano. The blockchain is the platform for building smart contracts and decentralized applications.
  • IOTA. The platform to sell thingswith a high level of protection and its own cryptocurrency.
  • Monero. Currency with a high degree of anonymity, her “trick” – a ring signature by which it is almost impossible to trace transactions.
  • Stratis. A platform for building decentralized applications and implementing them in companies.
  • Ripple the Chinese are not appreciated – it is set in 17th place, Litecoin 21, Bitcoin Cash appropriated in 25th place. Closes rating token NEM. Bitcoin modestly housed in 13th place. For innovation, he was awarded the highest score, but the development of technology of “digital gold” has failed.

    Recall what your rating was and the U.S. Agency Weiss Ratings, in this bitcoin also received a low rating.


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