5000 outlets in Chile have started to accept bitcoins for payment


More than 5000 sales outlets in Chile have started to accept bitcoins for payment. This was stated by local exchange Crypto MKT.

The exchange has teamed up with provider of online payments Flow.cl, so the owners of the retail outlets can now add the option of payment through cryptocurrency platform CryptoCompra.com.

At the moment, the platform operates in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe. In addition to bitcoin, shop will be using Stellar and Ethereum, and sellers will receive from Fiat currency.

Also exchange Crypto MKT has established reserve Fund that protects customers from high volatility. Thanks to this Fund, clients platform can be sure that reready prices of cristobalit will not bring them losses.

Earlier, banks in Chile have ceased to serve cryptocurrency exchanges, including the Crypto MKT. The exchanges had to apply to the court, where banks were obliged to resume their service.

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