56% of Russians are not familiar with cryptocurrencies


Research center ROMIR conducted a poll among Russians, the results of which revealed that 56% of people don’t know about cryptocurrency.

All were interviewed 1500 people in Russia. Of these, 44% have some idea what cryptocurrencies, and 31% superficially familiar with them.

“Of those who represent themselves — exactly or approximately — what is digital money, 87% of you buy them don’t plan. To invest not only off 11%. That the cryptocurrency they have said only 2% of respondents”.

Among those people who have already invested in the cryptocurrency, preference was given to bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of those people who invest in crypto-currencies for earnings, only 38% were successful. However, only 16% of owners acquired their cryptocurrency for payment of goods or services.

Recall that the interest of Russians to the mining of cryptocurrencies in the second quarter of this year decreased significantly compared to the previous period. These data are based on the use of the service free of ads “Yula”. The researchers came to the conclusion that from April to June, the Russians bought one-third less equipment for cryptocurrency mining than in the period from January to March.

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