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Want to invest in marijuanabuy cryptonomicon? To rent a place in cannabinum coworking? There is a cryptocurrency created specifically for this purpose.

In countries such as the USA where in some States marijuana is legal for recreational use, the nascent legal industry is faced with a big problem: due to the fact that at the Federal level cannabis is still outlawed, the business has no access to banking services and processing of payments by credit cards.

Now, thanks to the emergence of specialized cryptocurrency, you can not carry tons of cash in armored cars, and try not to open a Bank account.

And we are not talking about bitcoin — is specialized cryptocurrency designed specifically for the industry of distribution of marijuana, and they change her future, including legal.

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1. GanjaCoin (MRJA)

GanjaCoin is a cryptocurrency for the purchase of marijuana both online and in retail outlets. On the website GanjaCoin products are sold with cannabinoid content, as well as Smoking accessories. In addition, GanjaCoin (this is a private cryptocurrency) enters into partnership with retail.

For users the main advantage of GanjaCoin is the possibility of electronic payments to manufacturers of the same advantages and more: GanjaCoin they pay less commissions, avoid the risks associated with moving large amounts of cash, and also get the ability to track sales through the blockchain.

In addition, GanjaCoin has a unique feature: the coin is secured feminised cannabis seeds — in the future the company is ready to return for a coin with a gram of marijuana. The advantage of using this model, besides providing assurance to your customers — the demand side: coins can not be more than 42 million, which is less than other cryptocurrency focused on this market.

Now GanjaCoin trading at MasternodeXchange and Stocks. Exchange, cryptocurrencies have their own wallet.

2. CannabisCoin (CANN)

CannabisCoin is a cryptocurrency intended to purchase medical marijuana. Coins can not be more than 91 859 176 units, and its story began in 2014 when the retail outlet is sold a gram of a product per CannabisCoin. It should be borne in mind that this is one coin CANN is worth a little more.

Part of the mission CannabisCoin is to increase the social acceptability as cannabis and cryptocurrency, because today criticized both the industry. Potential investors in cryptocurrencies scare frequent cases of break-ins, the industry distribution of cannabis is forced to struggle with the legacy of the war on drugs.

3. DopeCoin (DOPE)

Many cryptocurrency companies are willing to provide legal sellers of marijuana their services, but DopeCoin stands alone — is happy to work with any business of this kind, legitimate or not.

DopeCoin was launched in 2014 and early 2017 changed its name to DopeCoinGold. However, regardless of the name, the goal was always the same: to give people the ability to buy marijuana anonymously and without a fee, and still, from a legal source or on the black market online. Seller accepting DopeCoin, you can find both in Europe and in the United States.

To convert to DopeCoin other cryptocurrency on Bittrex, in addition, the project also has your wallet. The maximum number of coins in the system is limited to 200 million units.

4. Tokes (TKS)

This crypto currency works on the blockchain Waves and is designed to replace cash throughout the supply chain of marijuana. That is, instead of accepting cash, and then give their staff and suppliers, it is possible to completely switch into tokens Tokes.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies working in the “gray” zone, Tokes meets the requirements of the laws on client identification and anti-money laundering. The system is aimed not only at optimizing business and reducing costs, but also to comply with the rules of the Service regulation of the financial services industry of the United States (FINRA).

The user can buy tokens TKS to keep them in your purse and Waves to spend in some retail stores. Besides, now the creators of the project are developing an application that allows you to search for marijuana by grade and price, find the point of sale and buy products in one click. All of the tokens TKS to be 50 million units.

5. Paragon (PRG)

Unlike other cryptocurrency focused on the marijuana industry, Paragon is not created for Commerce in hemp and its cultivation.

ParagonSpace is a new coworking space in Los Angeles designed for companies involved in the production of marijuana, and ParagonCoin (PRG) — the coin with which they can pay the rent and other services and goods within this space; other money was not accepted.

But, of course, the token PRG (total supply is 164 936 584 coins) has another application: the company expects that in the future, a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain will be used for the business of settlements with counterparties and customers.

In addition, ParagonChain plans to develop smart contracts, service operations related to the dissemination of cannabis — from filling a prescription for medicinal marijuana before the registration of the results of laboratory testing products.

Thus, the project ParagonCoin still young, but the plans of the comprehensive ecosystem marijuanaville business with smart contracts, coworking and digital currencies, into a single blockchain.

6. HempCoin (THC)

HempCoin (THC) is intended not only for distribution of marijuana, but also for the agricultural industry as a whole. Thus, HempCoin, the coin, distinguishable from other projects, primarily aimed at farmers when you create currency in 2014, the idea was to facilitate bulk purchasing of agricultural products.

Today the project expands HempCoin: by 2019, the company plans to submit HempPay, a payment platform for retail purchase of marijuana — with an app, website, and cryptocurrency credit card.

Now THC is traded on exchanges Bittrex and qTrade. Maximum bid cryptocurrency is 300 million coins.

7. PotCoin (POT)

PotCoin — cryptocurrency of the main industry of hemp production. It was created first in 2014, and the network algorithm Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Have PotCoin ATMs are available in Colorado, and offer the maximum POT is 420 million coins.

As in the case of bitcoin, PotCoin’s market capitalization peaked in winter, exceeding $ 90 million. In June, when the famous basketball player Dennis Rodman wore a t-shirt with logo PotCoin.com at the summit between the U.S. and North Korea, the course of bitcoin went up again — the day it went up 20%.

PotCoin can be purchased on several exchanges, including Bittrex, Changelly, PotcoinTrade and PotWallet.

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