7 the most promising cryptocurrencies to the end of 2018


Danny Wesley, blockchain enthusiast and a geek (as he calls himself) made a list of cryptocurrencies that can still be relied upon, using metrics new York Professor David Yermak.

Today we will talk about the most promising cryptocurrencies to the end of 2018. They not only perform the three basic functions of money (unit of account, means of accumulation and means of circulation), but also meet the criteria imposed by most traders. First, and foremost, these cryptocurrencies are trying to achieve relative exchange rate stability inherent in Vietnam currencies, however, retain basic characteristics of cryptocurrencies, namely security and decentralization. So in review, we took into account the following parameters:

  • The stability of the exchange rate;
  • The growth of each cryptocurrency and its prospects;
  • Liquidity;
  • The reputation of the developers.

So, what crypto-currencies are the most promising?

1. Litecoin (LTC)

Capitalization: $3.12 billion

Rate: $of 53.04

If the called bitcoin “digital gold”, litecoin, was developed in 2011 is “digital silver”. He was one of the first cryptocurrency that emerged on the wave of interest in bitcoin. The Creator of litecoin is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of technology and a former developer at Google Charlie Lee. Cryptocurrency is a global payment system with open source, it uses the scrypt algorithm and has no Central authority control. Mining litecoin can be enjoyed on normal home computers, and the process of creating blocks faster than bitcoin.

Litecoin is largely similar to bitcoin, but the confirmation of the transaction in the blockchain of litecoin is faster than bitcoin network. Have a unique algorithm of litecoin mining and a lot of tokens, and this cryptocurrency has already proved its viability and value. She is considered to have one of the most established courses on the cryptocurrency market, and the majority of cryptoendoliths believe that one day litecoin will displace bitcoin with cryptocurrency throne. Litecoin boasts not only a large team of developers, but also the fact that many trading companies accept it as means of payment.

2. The ether (ETH)

Capitalization: $21.1 billion

Rate: $205,64

Ethereum is launched in 2015, a decentralized platform that allows you to create and use DApp and smart contracts without the intervention or participation of third parties. In 2014 organized the Ethereum presale token, called ether, which was later enthusiastically embraced by kriptosmartfon and widespread. An ester is a token allowing to create applications on the Ethereum platform. In fact, it is a universal currency, Ethereum, and many developers use it to develop your own applications on this platform. With ether it is possible to decentralize, to put to sale and to encode almost any assets.

After cracking the DAO, what happened two years ago, the air is split into two fork: Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH). Today, the ETH is the second after the bitcoin cryptocurrency by market capitalization (more than 22.4 billion dollars). In addition, the air more partners from corporations and large companies than any other cryptocurrency. Among them, JP Morgan, Consensys, Toyota, Scotiabank, BP, Mastercard, Microsoft and national Bank of Canada.

3. Zcash for (ZEC)

Capitalization: $617,1 billion

Rate: $122,45

Zcash for a very promising Aldon created in 2016. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency and open source. About him say: “If bitcoin is an http in the world of money, zcash for — https”. Zcash for guarantees the transparency of transactions and along with that their privacy (anonymous remain information about the transaction amount and the identity of the sender and the receiver).

In addition, zcash for you can make secure transactions using cryptographic method to the zK-SNARK, called “proof with zero disclosure”.

4. Dash (Dash)

Capitalization: $1.33 billion

Rate: $158,75

Dash, previously known as Darkcoin is more private and decentralized version of bitcoin. It provides much more anonymity and the confidentiality of transactions, as it operates in a decentralized network master node, where it is difficult to keep track of committed transactions. Dash was founded in January 2014 and quickly gained popularity among users. The Creator of Dash — Evan Duffield, and mine this cryptocurrency, you can use as the GPU and CPU.

Darkcoin changed its name to Dash in March 2015. Dash stands for Digital Cash — digital money. Rebranding 2015 had no effect on these unique features of this cryptocurrency how InstantX and Darksend.

5. XRP (XRP)

Capitalization: $18.5 billion

Rate: $0,46

Ripple was created in 2012. It is a global payment system that allows safe and instant international payments with minimal Commission. With this system, banks and other financial organizations can in real-time and low risk to implement transparent at all stages of international transactions. In the Ripple method of transaction, called a consensus by the registry, not associated with mining, and is unique to this token, distinguishing it from other altcoins and bitcoin. This minimizes the computational load and increases the network performance because it excludes the participation of the miners.

Special attention creators paid to the Ripple spread their own cryptocurrency. They’re planning to distribute tokens using XRP transactions with various partners, to sell them interested in the currency to institutional investors and to encourage service providers who will accept payment in XRP.

6. Monero (XMR)

Capitalisation: $1.75 billion

Rate: $105,84

Monero is neatkariba, confidential and secure cryptocurrency. This decentralized altcon open source was created in 2014 and immediately aroused great interest among cryptoendoliths. Funds for the creation of Monero, the cornerstone of which delivered the scalability and decentralization, were collected by kriptosmartfon.

Absolute confidentiality of transactions is achieved with this unique method as the “ring signature”. Creates a specific set of cryptographic signatures in which the number of actual participants is minimal, but to determine who is the real signer is impossible, as they all look authentic.

7. CIX100

CIX100 is a market index of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, also called Cryptoindex 100. This index is calculated by the algorithm Zorax, which is based on AI, and he is constantly changing subject to market movements.

More than 1,800 existing cryptocurrencies are passed through the filter, based on 200 criteria and the resulting sample is about 500 tokens. The data is taken from cryptocurrency exchanges, news sites, social networks (Twitter, GitHub, etc.) and other sources. Then all this information is fed into the neural network, and formed the final rating of the cryptocurrency. 100 the best of them and make Cryptoindex 100.

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