A decentralized market StellarX with zero commissions running in “combat” mode


Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) with zero commissions StellarX has completed beta testing and launched on September 28. The announcement of the launch will be held in the company blog Interstellar.

A decentralized exchange will rely on the global market for cryptocurrency Stellar (XLM), which is opensorce Protocol for the exchange and transfer of digital currencies into Fiat money. According to CoinMarketCap, currently XLM ranked sixth by market capitalization, with $4.8 billion.

According to a press release, StellarX allows users to invest dollars directly from American Bank accounts. In addition, the exchange will quote the digital tokens to the Euro, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, British pound and other Fiat currencies.

StellarX also reveals its plans for the listing of the digitized versions of bonds, stocks, real estate and commodities.

Interstellar emphasizes that the use of the platform will be free — like grounds of the American company Robinhood, a major financial services provider. Incidentally, the latter recently reported that undergoes a complete audit of the Commission, US securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Agency on regulation of activities of financial institutions (FINRA).

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