A Google ban on applications for mining of cryptocurrencies in force


August 27, entered into force a ban on Google apps for mining cryptocurrency. However, according to the report of the Next Web, in the Google Play Store available for download 5 programs for the production of coins – NeoNeonMiner, Crypto Miner PRO, Pickaxe Miner, Bitcoin Miner Miner and Pocket.

July 27, Google Inc. has introduced restrictions for mining applications and give developers 30 days to make changes in the software to match the new requirements. 27 Aug from Play Store were deleted 3 apps, one of them inexplicably turned program MinerGate: the creators of the app have updated the functionality and removed the option of mining cryptocurrencies on the phone to meet the requirements of Google, despite that the program disappeared from the Play Store!

21 Aug in the Google Play Store was detected fraudulent application “Ethereum” which cost $388. The scammers were counting on inexperienced users, which could confuse the program with the Ethereum cryptocurrency and pay money for it, thinking that buy coins ETH. Sounds unbelievable, especially considering the fact that Ethereum is worth less than $388! However, the scheme of the crooks tripped at least 100 times!

In April 2018, Google has removed the extension of mining from the Chrome web store to protect its customers from cryptogamia (illegal use of the computing power of the hardware in order to mine the virtual currency).

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