A group of investors led by ITS Ameritrade and creates a new crypto currency exchange ErisX


A group of investors led by ITS Ameritrade and creates a new crypto currency exchange ErisX

New crypto currency exchange will bring together cryptocurrency derivatives and futures, and spot contracts within a single platform.

The crypto currency exchange is not built from scratch, now ErisX is a regulated derivative exchange and clearing house. The aim of the project is to provide an adjustable, transparent and stable trading platform all types of digital assets, reliability and infrastructure which would meet the requirements for regular centralized exchanges.

SEO ErisX was Thomas Chippas, a former top Manager of the banking group Citi.

The completion of this round of financing will allow us to accelerate the process of preparation of the platform and its team, said Chipps. — Our customers receive all the benefits of the most modern mechanisms of trading on regulated and transparent platform. ErisX will be a project that facilitates the acquaintance with the new asset class for investors who have not had such experience, familiar with digital assets, investors will have a platform appropriate to their requirements.”

“ErisX will eliminate many of the obstacles holding institutional investors from entering the cryptocurrency market, and will attract a new wave of market participants — said don Wilson, founder and CEO of DRW, which includes Cumberland, a prominent figure in the world of cryptotrading. — This further expands the space of digital assets, and increases the transparency of these emerging markets.”

The launch of spot contracts is scheduled for the II quarter of 2019, with a plan to start trading bitcoin, ether, Cash, Bitcoin and Litecoin, and then running futures and physical delivery of digital assets.

The project is supported by a group of investors from traditional Finance, such as Global Markets Cboe, the owner of stock of THEIR own, or the brokerage firm Ameritrade. The number of investors also stated Virtu Financial, the NEX Opportunities, CTC Group Investments, Digital Currency Group, Nico Trading Pantera Capital and Third Stone Partners.

The project is supported by CMT Digital, Susquehanna International Group, XR Trading, C2 Capital Management, and ED&F Man Capital Markets Inc.

Note that ErisX something like Bakkt, the project of another operator from the world of traditional exchanges, also which has enlisted the support of major investors. And the resemblance is reinforced by the fact that some of the investors included in the lists of participants of both projects.

In early August, the exchange’s ICE conglomerate has officially announced the opening of its own platform for trading digital assets Bakkt, which will start operating in November 2018. It is planned that at the initial stage customers will offer one-day contracts for the supply of bitcoin with the physical storage.

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