A group of players in Call of Duty is suspected in the theft of cryptocurrency $3 million


A group of players in Call of Duty is suspected in the theft of cryptocurrency $3 million

FBI on the trail of a group of hackers who stole cryptoendoliths the crypt for $3 million Why Call of Duty? Because the members of the criminal group met while playing in the popular online shooter.

In any case, sets out his version of events one of their accomplices, claiming that he was forced to cooperate with the group they met, it was playing this game. Coercive methods used are akin to those with which an unknown or group of persons at one time tried to poison the life of the Jameson Loppu.

We are talking about the so-called SWATing call to the police stating that the address of victims of violent crime, such as shooting, hostage-taking or assassination attempts. In the end, at the address leaves the SWAT — assault team of the police special forces, who could take an unsuspecting victim for the offender with all the consequences, up to and irreparable.

The members of the criminal group supplied their unwitting accomplice “names, phone numbers and other information” of victims, which allowed him to gain control over the phones of over 100 people. Speech, apparently, goes about the so-called SIM-swapping, a practice adopted by criminals recently, but can bring good results.

Events occurred in 2016 and later — in December 2016, the company Augur, who created a Reputation Token, asked the FBI a statement that its employees and investors tried to steal the cryptocurrency. At the same time, according to the FBI, a criminal group involved in the investigation, kidnapped the crypt by $3.3 million, including Reputation Token in the amount of $805 thousand That certainty allows us to assume that we are talking about related events.

According to investigators, criminals have converted the stolen funds in the crypt in bitcoin and ether using the crypto currency exchange, then moving them into their own wallets. Appearing in the investigation persons charges not yet filed as the investigation continues.

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