A new competitor Robinhood – exchange Voyager


A new competitor Robinhood – exchange Voyager

In kryptonyte announced a new competitor Robinhood – exchange Voyager, the creators of which were Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar and investor Philip Eytan. They plan to create multi-exchange Voyager platform offering free trading 15 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, EOS, ETH, XRP, Stellar Lumens. Refusing fees, Voyager expects to compete with the startup Robinhood, an app that tries to make access to the cryptocurrency mobile, safe and without large fees compared to traditional services.
Voyager will use the mechanism of price aggregation on cryptocurrencies in more than a dozen marketplaces. This will allow customers to buy and sell the digital currency at the best price.

Voyager attempts to create a platform institutional level for retail investors, which provides optimal performance by using the technology of the intellectual direction of the orders.

Users will be able to manage transactions on multiple exchanges, using the best pools of liquidity with zero commissions and will have access to Analytics, news and list of settings where they will be able to enable alerts to monitor positions.
This week, Voyager plans to launch a beta version for residents of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, new Hampshire and Montana. Access to the app exchange will open in late October. By the end of the year, when regulatory approval, the company expects to launch the app in more than 40 States.

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