A new program from the crypto currency exchange Huobi


Bitria “news” New programme from the crypto currency exchange Huobi

The Global crypto currency exchange Huobi has added a new program of sustainable marketing HUSD, which will allow traders to convert between the four stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar.

According to the announcement, the decision HUSD is aimed at reducing the need to choose between multiple stable coins, and reducing transaction costs that arise when switching between these assets linked to the U.S. dollar. It does this automatically by converting all stablecoin on the platform from Huobi to your newly released token HUSD, which is native to the exchange. This token is a platform you can use to trade any digital assets listed on the platform Huobi Global. HUSD can also be used during the withdrawal, reverting back to stable coins, which can then be converted to Fiat.

According to Huobi, HUSD tied to deposits stablecoin, not the United States dollar. In the case of Huobi people pay using stablecoins for the purchase of HUSD as a token of the platform. Given that the instability of any stablecoin listed on Huobi may affect the functionality of the HUSD, the exchange confirmed that it will evaluate each before making a decision about adding them to your trading platform.
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