A ray of light in dark Kingdom: the Most promising ICO 2018


2018 brings more disappointments start-UPS (some even pogovoryat on the end of an era. ICO) decided to collect funds in the course of the ICO, and investors. But this time we decided not to despair and to do without criticism. Instead, tell about successful projects the beam of light in the darkness of unfulfilled hopes.

It’s all about the idea

Very few of the existing ideas for the ICO really interesting, or the laws of the market would be empty words: the ratio of effective investment to potentially futile is 1:100.

It is not that most developers are not thinking, and that there are too many “innovative” ideas.

Another huge drawback ICO — lack of in-depth market research. In other words, the organizers do not look whether someone is their project and whether demand for it. That’s why the profits of projects coming to ICO, not enough to cover current expenditures.

So really promising ICO projects, which are based on unique ideas, and now the weight of gold (and even more). And, as a rule, they attract the attention of potential investors. It is noteworthy that in 2018 ICO-projects withdrew from the sphere of increasing financial efficiency (e.g., cryptocurrency exchanges) — specialization has become much wider. Here is the best, in our opinion, startups 2018.


What do you suggest?

Blockcloud wants to become a scalable solution for growing industry of the Internet of things (IoT) with an integrated reward system for users, service providers and miners.

Team Blockcloud plans to use service-oriented network (Service-Centric Networking or SCN), which can be attributed to the concept of Web 3.0 is based on using the service name instead of the address of a web resource. With the introduction of the blockchain, the platform will enable the safe connection of network providers to the user device.

What is the use?

Due to the fact that the demand in this industry is gaining momentum and more and more devices are connected, scale IoT area can be a very effective solution.

What says the community?

Another important reason to pay attention to this platform is the location to the project participants of the market and its well-developed community. In the initial phase of the ICO project has received many good reviews of Internet users.

What about the money?

Argument “for” the proposed blockchain architecture is the amount of attracted funds is one of the main indicators of the prospects of the project. The plan was to collect 15 million dollars for eight days from 11 to 18 October 2018, and the goal was achieved without difficulty.


What do you suggest?

Scorum platform aimed at sports fans, to give them the opportunity to earn real money. However, the user must first increase to a certain level your rank to then get the domestic currency (convertible in Fiat) for particularly interesting comments, photos, and other original content.

The platform has its own Analytics tools for forecasting. And, of course, a full range of capabilities for review of sports broadcasts. Blockchain technology has enabled the introduction of market principles in the process of forming points, due to what the authors of the review to the publications remunerated. This platform allows you to participate in creating their own media space.

What about the money?

Scorum collected a fairly modest sum of 5.63 million dollars during the sale of tokens, in January-February of 2018, which accounted for only 33% of the planned $ 17 million, but did not affect the development of the platform and its launch.

Market capitalization Scorum Coins, according to CoinMarketCap, currently stands at almost $ 6 million that can be seen as a good sign.


Who are they?

Bravo Group was founded in 2014 by participants of the Startup Battlefield at the TechCrunch conference, Maria Moon and Dr. Hector Rodriguez. The basic idea was presented at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in September 2015 and won the audience award.

What do you suggest?

BRAVO was developed as a revolutionary solution in the industry anonymous payment from a mobile application. BRAVO is planning to implement blockchain technology and tokens for providing anonymous and secure transactions worldwide, with minimum Commission. Currently, BRAVO is an existing app with a large audience.

When using the BRAVO app access to the assets can be obtained using a simple PIN code, no need to use the keys. The main function is the payment of fees, arrears and transfers other payments. Funds can even be sent to third parties.

What is the feature?

BRAVO is one of the few ICO-projects do-researched business decision. In 2017, the project started to implement blockchain technology. After ICO in the third and fourth quarter of 2018 will be presented the basic version of the platform. Testing blockchain-wallet will be completed at the end of the year, and in 2019 will integrate the remaining functions.

The company has repeatedly said that application development is conducted in close cooperation with users, i.e. all the basic needs of consumers certainly take into account with the constant introduction of relevant updates.

Other projects that deserve вниманияZilliqa

The cost of the token’s decentralized hosting platform application segmentation data has increased by more than 1800% after ICO. Its market capitalization is $ 265 million.


The project develops an international ecosystem for the development of production of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Involved in the project and partner research laboratories, technological parks and other businesses and online platforms for collaboration of developers, investors and users from all over the world.


This database is for those who are on a professional level, developing decentralized applications, enabling nodes blockchain network.


Platform open banking services, intended for users working with cryptocurrencies. This is a simple to use tool which is easy to configure to specific user needs. It will be indispensable when performing operations with cryptocurrency for beginners and for people with extensive experience in cryptosphere.


Personalized platform identity management. It monitors the data registered in the system documents and on their basis generates keys for registration of third-party applications and services.


Target the most promising ICO-2018 projects are very diverse and cover a totally unexpected side interests.

We must not forget that startups using blockchain technology is extremely expensive idea. For a full run takes a lot of sophisticated equipment, space and skilled professionals. Because of this, formed a Commission on each transaction.

Any subjective assessment in the context of these useless projects, the demand for them will be evaluated by the market: if users are enthusiastic to use the resources of a specific platform and are willing to pay a fee for the blockchain, then the project is doomed to success.

Now you need to keep in mind only one thing: the most promising ICO 2018 — not those that offer extravagant and innovative services, and those that will not spare money.

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