ABB will build the factory of the future


ABB will build the factory of the future

Swiss tech giant ABB is investing $150 million in the construction of fully automated plants in China that will use artificial intelligence to create robots.

The company’s representatives told that the factory is modeled in such a way that all production processes and maintenance of the internal space operators will be controlled remotely using the digital interface. System based on own software ABB, will be equipped with artificial intelligence, and special dashboards for managers, engineers and other professionals.

At the same time to gather analytical information on the operation and status of the robots to prevent crashes and to reduce production costs to a minimum. The company intends to design the perfect logistics system, ensure the optimal use of each meter of factory.

The technical group plans to open a factory in Shanghai by the end of 2020. Unlike fixed groupage lines on conventional plants, the company ABB will have a matrix structure consisting of separate automated segments. Regular analysis will lead to the modification of the new generation of robots of each type and how they interact in order to achieve maximum efficiency. As a result, the complex will gradually evolve, becoming a factory of the future, where robots build robots.

The California company Hoversurf also embodies ideas from fiction. In 2019 it will start mass manufacturing and selling a flying motorcycle Hoverbike S3.

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