About 36% of BTC in circulation is lost, “technically” cryptocurrency Bitcoin is in short supply




According to a new study presented by two research firms — Chainalysis and Diar — were carried out calculations of the actual number of tokens Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation. According to CoinMarketCap, the number of coins in circulation is 17296587 at the time of this writing. The study says that 36% of this amount is “definitely lost, probably lost or still nedobity”. If you count, it turns out that 6,226 million BTC technically not available for purchase or trade even for whales.

The report further States that 22% of current proposals belong to speculators, while investors have 30% of the total number in circulation. These values are, respectively, 3.8 million and 5,189 million BTC.

Using the above numbers and knowing that the emissions of mining Bitcoin is 21 million tokens, it is safe to say that “technically” cryptocurrency is in short supply. This is because 6,226 million BTC are out of reach. However, there are still 3,704 million BTC to be mined in the future. This amount may be sufficient to meet the interest of global investors.

In mid-July, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee called cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts to first strive to get 1 BTC before buying any other coin.

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