About crypto knows less than half of Russians: poll




The research holding Romir conducted a survey in Russia, and on 7 August he published evidence that almost half of Russians heard about cryptocurrencies, and 13 percent of the population of the Russian Federation declare that you are well aware of virtual currencies.

Romir, a representative of Gallup International Association in Russia, interviewed 1,500 people in Russia about their awareness about cryptocurrencies, and their plans for interaction with Scripturally.

Among the respondents, 44 percent had heard about cryptocurrencies, 13 percent said that they are good at it, while 56 percent of respondents did not know what “cryptocurrency”.

The report also noted that 31 percent of respondents said that they can “imagine this cryptocurrency, but do not have a clear understanding.”

Russia is in the process of formalizing its regulatory approach to different aspects, including taxation, mining, and trade digital assets.

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