Absolute genius or a brilliant liar? Who is John McAfee


Eccentric millionaire, a single tweet which may affect the market of digital money, not just get on the promotion of dubious projects. We tried to understand – whether to believe his words

The Creator of the famous McAfee antivirus software, John McAfee became famous in the crypto community after the summer of 2017 made a bet that by 2020 the price of bitcoin will reach $500 thousand. In November, he upped the ante to one million dollars.

The programmer has attracted the attention of the community on Twitter, at the moment it is signed 846 thousand people, and under each post there are dozens of comments and hundreds of likes. In December, McAfee wrote that the future of anonymous crypto-currencies and identified three Monero, zcash for and Verge. In the next few days, the Monero price has increased by 49%, zcash for 57% and Verge — 805% (Yes, not a typo).

In mid-December, the market grew on a wave of positive news and bitcoin closer to the maximum of $20,000, but the price of three altcoins that mentioned McAfee, have risen sharply just after his post. Then he put on the flow of such a message, he called a certain cryptocurrency and painted its benefits. In subsequent hours, and sometimes days, after the reference to the token, its rate soared. So it was with the coin Reddcoin. A week later the price increased by seven times.

McAfee drew attention to a little-known tokens, and from the rush of funds speculators, the price rose sharply and then less sharply fell. The above ReddCoin fell more than three times a few days after he reached the peak.

The Creator of the famous McAfee antivirus Dec 21, introduced a regular column “the cryptocurrency of the day” in which $100 thousand organizers blockchain projects could advertise your product in one of the most popular Twitter accounts in cryptosuite. Information about what the positions pay, not publicized, but it can be found on the official website of McAfee.

This column started with cryptocurrency Electroneum, and the same day as its rate jumped from $0.8 to $0.12 each, after which have fallen sharply to us $0.9. Entrepreneur on all the allegations of personal benefit, wrote that he does not hold the token, which says he’s only providing the community with coins, “which will change the world.”

Then McAfee started to is ICO. The most controversial case — he began to support the project Pink Taxi. Comments found at the entrepreneur how much he receives for one post. He boasted that the blockchain projects pay $500 thousand for one publication and another $100 thousand for each review.

30 minutes after the publication of the advertising project Pink Taxi A2B Taxi Token the company was accused of plagiarism of design and white paper. ICO was suspected of fraud, and McAfee in negligence, because it does not check that advertise.

On the website Pink Taxi was the Taxi A2B, in which the head of the project called unknown blockchain expert. When he wrote McAfee and explained why a famous person promotes teams that are engaged in plagiarism, the programmer called it a fraud.

After a few months, McAfee apologized for Pink Taxi, and noted that the blockchain rewrites the draft white paper and changes the design. After this event, former members of the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) reminded that celebrities, who promote fraudulent projects can be brought to justice.

In late July, McAfee started a new bizarre ad campaign “uncrackable” crypto-currency wallet Bitfi. The manufacturer has promised to pay $100 thousand to the one who will be able to hack it. After the barrage of criticism she raised the reward to $250 thousand. Users offered to buy the unit, which has a certain amount of cryptocurrencies, but it must be “hack” in order to access it.

A week later, the experts found out that the purse McAfee — Android-smartphone, which removed all components responsible for communication. In it, there were some serious vulnerabilities. The company refused to pay, noting that no one got access to the cryptocurrency, which was on the device.

However, third parties can connect to the display device, and is considered private data wallet did not respond to third-party intervention — if you disassemble and assemble it, he continued to work. It can be reflash before the sale to the user.

After this was learned in Bitfi, the head of the company reiterated that it does not consider it hacking, but announced a campaign to search for vulnerabilities with the award 25 times less than the previous $10 thousand. After that, the programmer under the name OverSoft told that to break the wallet, it does not even need to buy a: the program runs on any computer with Android emulator.

All of these examples promote dubious projects by the Creator of the famous antivirus McAfee once again shows how dangerous the world of cryptocurrency. Most of the projects are not innovation, and big money. And they are made not for technical revolution, and to fill their wallet.

McAfee each project produces its own, in which he believes and which is involved. However, often it turns out that it’s just advertising. Even if the entrepreneur continues to defend the interests of any ICO, cryptocurrency wallet or token, most likely, he’s just so earns money.

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