Acne Buterin acknowledged that Ethereum will fail


Bitcoin Core developer and technical consultant Stellar Jeremy Rubin released an article in which he called the collapse of Ethereum is inevitable.

He explained that the Ethereum network has serious problems with scalability and security in smart contracts, in connection with which the coin will eventually yield to competitors and lose a large part of the cost.

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin said Rubin, agreeing with its argument. He acknowledged that Ethereum in its current form really waiting for the collapse.

“In Ethereum, in the form in which it exists at the moment, it is absolutely true. In fact, if Ethereum has not changed, all the arguments of the author (except for the part about Proof of Stake) would be true.”

He added, however, that Ethereum is constantly looking for solutions to problems and actively developing. The developers are working on a global update, and an impressive user base continues to sustain the ecosystem of the coin.

We will remind that earlier the Ethereum developers have decided to reduce the award to the miners with 2 ETH 3 to ETH.

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