Acne Buterin regrets the use of the term “smart contract” in Ethereum


Acne Buterin regrets the use of the term “smart contract” in Ethereum

In a recent tweet, co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin admitted that he regretted the use of the term “smart contract” in your project. Recall, this concept was proposed in 1994 by Nick Szabo, the author of Bit Gold and one of the prominent representatives of the movement Shirobokov.

So, during a discussion on Twitter about the appropriateness of the words “law” or “law” (law) in the “kriptopro” (cryptolaw) one user referred to the use of the term Gavin wood Ethereum yellow paper. The document says that the Ethereum can be regarded as a common implementation cryptoprotocol system. In response to this Buterin wrote:

To be honest, I now very much regret that we have adopted the term “smart contract”. Should have chosen a more boring technical name, something like unchanged scripts (persistent scripts).

Vlad Zamfir, another prominent developer of Ethereum, in response to a tweet Buterin wrote that he likes the term “stored procedure” (stored procedures). However, he has no regrets about current terminology, noting that “it was a good lesson for everyone.”

We will remind that Vitaly Buterin predicted a new global financial crisis, which caused a fresh batch of criticism from the American economist and opponent of cryptocurrency Nouriel Roubini recently called him “dictator for life”. Now the opponents are in talks about future public debates.

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