Acquainted with cryptonote, Elon Musk has expressed interest in the airwaves


Acquainted with cryptonote, Elon Musk has expressed interest in the airwaves

The scale of the activities of the network of kriptopolis, promising the distribution of crypts, impressed even such a master of PR-technologies and the favorite of the twitter community, as CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

“From now on I want live, even if it’s a Scam,” wrote Elon Musk, still not too bhalobashi industry of cryptocurrencies and related topics.

Introduction Mask with fraudulent schemes the world of cryptocurrencies started with the fact that someone from his party began to promise users the distribution of air in the normal way.

Users were asked to transfer a symbolic sum to the specified address, then to obtain the ether in the amount much greater.

Added to the absurdity of the situation and the administration of Twitter, have stepped up sharply after this incident, the fight with the bots accounts, which under the hot hand hit ordinary users, who were down by the monastery, the love for the phrase “how’s that, Elon Musk?”.

However, some fake accounts impersonating a Mask, survived, feel great and continue to promise the distribution of air.

Messages Mask the interest in the air provoked a lively response from the crypto community. Someone traditionally advised the businessman to pay attention to other coins other users to refrain from buying Bitcoin Cash, and someone else with a serious look asks, does this mean that the Mask will not send to the address live, as he “promised.”

Meanwhile, the story of the Masque, introduced to the world of cryptomnesia again makes it relevant to question the fraudulent activities of bots and the scale of their schemes.

Recall that the Duo Security experts who have studied this question, came to the very definite conclusion — bots that promise fabulous giveaways, combined in a three-tier network, their actions are coordinated and well organized.

It is noteworthy that the scammers are adept at simulating, deceiving not only the inexperienced users, but Twitter itself — some of the fake accounts were even recommended by the users of the accounts to the subscription (who to follow).

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