Aksakov: we did not ban crypto currencies


The Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial markets explained why the government decided not to prescribe bitcoin and other currency into the draft law “On digital of financial assets”

The concept of “cryptocurrency” has decided to remove from the draft law “On digital of financial assets” in order to ban transactions with bitcoin in the country, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov. He added that the Russians want the legalization of the blockchain industry, says RNS.

“With regard to bitcoins, esters and all other currencies. We decided not to prescribe what it is, and not much point in not seeing, because this phenomenon, which does not make sense for us from the point of view of the investment process. We understand that many, including the Russians, wish we legalized it, and perhaps legalized cryptostroma would become Fiat money. But we see risks in this,” — said Aksakov.

According to him, cryptocurrency could be spelled out in the new bill, but in this case it was necessary to ban. Earlier the MP said that the document was removed the concept of “mining”, as the government sees no reason to regulate the production of digital money.

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