Aldon GoChain won the contest Binance


Aldon GoChain won the contest Binance

Sometimes Success takes you past the big and goes small. That is exactly what happened with the token GO who won in the competition of crypto currency exchange Binance. For GoChain voted by users of the service, and now this asset will add to the list of crypto currency exchange No. 1 in the world.

Today, everyone is going not so well. Collapsed Bitcoin, and Ether. Acne Buterin once said that “all existing baccani, including Broadcast and Bitcoin sucks”. You need to go to PoS, says Buterin and it is difficult to argue that Proof-of-Stake services easier massturbate, and apparently, the ability to scale is now attracting many users.

Take, for example, GoChain. This platform works on the PoS: for the consensus it meets the algorithm Proof-of-Reputation, also provide high levels of scalability. The user GoChain can count on the speed in the range of 1,300 transactions per second.

Aldon GoChain took part in the ninth competition Coin of the Month and won. Now Binance add this asset to your list. Listing GO promise to launch later this month.

Immediately after the victory of the team GoChain announced the inclusion in the list of Bittrex, the 32nd largest crypto currency exchange in the world. This news was enough to weekly gains GoChain was 140%.

It seems that the predictions about the death of most altcoins too premature. Users want to trade an alternative crypt. This is confirmed by the petition for recognition Dogecoin official means of payment on Amazon. Voted for Dogecoin is already more than 11 thousand users.

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