Alibaba deploys Cloud service Blockchain-as-a-service


Alibaba expands its Cloud service provision BaaS: blockchain-as-a-service will be available also in USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Platform Alibaba Cloud supports two types of DLT: Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain. Senior developer and head of the blockchain-service of the company And said:

“Our customers in China are already familiar with the benefits of our BaaS platform, and we are pleased to start providing services to corporate clients worldwide”

Using the platform, clients will be able to implement these types of applications and blockchain technologies, such as smart contracts, data management, and user certification, SDK, management of the consensus network. Executive Director Hyperledger also Brian Bellefort:

“Together with Alibaba Cloud, we look forward to the opportunity to bring innovation to the global blockchain-community”

As many organizations seek to apply the underlying cryptocurrency technology, the market is beginning to emerge offers Blockchain-as-a-service platform on which clients can create a more reliable and secure blockchain applications.

In early October, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) and Hyperledger announced a mutual partnership. The blockchain-the consortium Hyperledger has joined the company of the industries of financial services, logistics, Internet of things, manufacturing and technology. For example, in August a Group of European banks conducted the first cross-border financial transactions on the blockchain in real time on a jointly developed on the basis of IBM and blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric.

Also in late September, Vice-President of Ant Financial, Tsang Gofai announced the launch of the platform BaaS. Recall that the company Alibaba has the biggest number of blockchain-patents: to date, the company has filed 90 applications, ahead of IBM.

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