Alliance, Ethereum, and Hyperledger together


Alliance, Ethereum, and Hyperledger together

According to the joint statement on blockchain alliances, the two largest consortium gave each other the status of associate members.

The purpose of the policy of rapprochement is to contribute to rasprostraneniu blockchain in various industries.

Both of the Alliance is a large and well-known in the industry enterprises, each of which represented hundreds of companies from different sectors.

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance — an organization working to standardize the use of blockchain Ethereum, and Hyperledger — the consortium-based Linux Foundation.

“Cooperation through the Institute of associate membership provides more opportunities for coordination of efforts of both organizations,” said Executive Director of the EEA Ron Resnick.

Representatives of both consortia emphasize that on competition of the EEA and Hyperledger now you can forget. Both organizations intend to develop cooperation in a number of areas, for example, developers Hyperledger will write the code that will be certified according to the standards of the EEA.

In turn, the Executive Director of Hyperledger Brian Behlendorf noted that the decision to join forces is a natural fit for both organizations, building their decisions on the basis of public blockchains. “Standards, specification and certification — all of which help corporate customers to integrate the solution in full confidence that they are compatible with solutions of other developers,” he added.

Note that the decision of the EEA and Hyperledger to unite efforts in work on the compatibility of solutions fits into the logic of the recent prediction made by the representatives of the other consortium, R3, promoting their platform Corda.

Businessmen generally tend to look at things in a practical, and when it comes to money. No one will support several blockchain projects with similar functions, says technical Director of R3 Richard brown.

The world of corporate blockchain has its own specifics, and competition in it can not last forever. In contrast to the blockchain at all, but rather a zero-sum game.

However, to this rule there are exceptions. Thus, the German Commerzbank is working with five of the platforms including and Sole, and solutions based on Hyperleger or Ethereum. Moreover, the logic of this approach seems quite sensible: why limit yourself, if the generic blockchain, covering all the required areas and the company still does not exist?

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