ALROSA joined blockchain platform for tracking diamond supply


One of the world’s largest diamond producers, the Russian Corporation “ALROSA”, joined the branch blockchain platform Tracr, which records information about the origin of diamonds and further action with them. A project created by another industry giant from South Africa, the De Beers company.

A leading company in the mining of precious stones, ALROSA, has announced the addition of the pilot program, the blockchain platform Tracr. The service developed by the diamond company De Beers.

Thus, two of the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds will be United on one platform.

“This will ensure consumers and businesses the origin and authenticity of raw materials, as well as to create a basis for other digital services”, — stated in the message of “ALROSA”.

The CEO of the Russian Corporation Sergei Ivanov said:

“Traceability is the key to further development of the market. It helps to give the consumer confidence and fill in the missing information, allowing them to enjoy the product without a doubt in ethical vorpos and composition of the stones. ALROSA is pleased to participate in the testing Tracr along with the use of other technical solutions. We are confident that the cooperation for the implementation of tracking systems is necessary to achieve common goals.”

Platform Tracr created to monitor the supply chain of diamonds, to confirm to industry participants and consumers the natural origin of diamonds in the free zones of military conflicts.

In addition, the Tracr will work to complement and support industry standards, such as the “Kimberley Process”, the Code of practice for the responsible jewellery Council and the world diamond system of warranties the Council.

Companies around the world implement the blockchain in logistics. As the global retail giant Walmart translates into a blockchain platform developed jointly with IBM, information on the supply of food in the stores. 22 Oct largest port in Europe, located in Rotterdam, also announced the transfer of data on Maritime transportation in the blockchain.

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