Altcoin raised a $1 billion investment


Decentralized Altcoin cryptocurrency has collected nearly $1 billion in investment through the platform WeFunder.

According to the developers, the benefits of their exchanges in the first place in reliability: the tools are stored on their devices, and not on the capacity of the centralized exchange. In addition, the exchange may boast low fees and almost instant transactions.

“We are happy to create a market where you to trade safely and always have full control over their tokens. brings together security, which provides decentralization, with the speed and convenience of centralized sites. We believe that this is the next step in the cryptocurrency trading,” said exchange CEO Andrew Gazdecki.

He added that at the current level of the security industry’s future is under a big question.

“A few centralized exchanges making most of the transactions with cryptocurrencies, but their business model endangers assets. The market has significant growth potential, but until we close the security issues, the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is in question. We therefore give all our energy on creating the exchange that will be just as fast and easy to use as the centralized platform, but devoid of the inherent risks.”

Earlier the stock exchange had become famous that made the first atomic swap bitcoin and Ethereum.

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