Altcoins that are worth paying attention to


Altcoins that are worth paying attention to

Last week, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies for the first time this year fell below $ 200 billion. For seven months the market has lost over 70% of its value. Bitcoin, ether and other major cryptocurrencies fell. For the first time since the end of June the most famous digital currency broke the mark of $6000. But then the market situation has stabilized somewhat, bitcoin and major altcoins are slightly more expensive.

However, experts do not abandon the gloomy forecasts and believe that bitcoin could fall to $5900 in the near future. The main attention of investors is chained to bitcoin and ether, but do not forget about other cryptocurrencies. In the market there are more than 1600 different digital coins. Altcoins can bring much more profit due to its high volatility. Here are three promising coins that are worth paying attention to:


All these days Stellar was trying to beat EOS in terms of market capitalization. And several times he succeeded. Aldon climbed to fifth place in the list of the largest digital currencies, but managed to stay on it and retreated to sixth.

The founders of the platform’s Stellar aims to increase access to cheap financial services for poverty reduction and disclosure of the individual potential of people. Usually Lumens Stellar compared to Ripple. Programmer jed McCaleb was one of the originators of Ripple Labs. However, in 2014 he left the project. Machalaba not satisfied with the high centralization of the Ripple network. He believed that a promising idea was turned into a commercial project, focused on banks, payment systems, and corporations. McCaleb launched an alternative project based on the same Protocol, is not without critical flaws older brother.

The main differences from Stellar Ripple — decentralization and focus on helping people in developing countries and third world countries, non profit organizations and small businesses. In 2015, the project has moved to its own Protocol and open source. During its development were fixed some serious flaws in the Ripple. In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency shows good stability. On 21 August, its market capitalization is 4,036 billion dollars, one coin is worth $0,215.


Aldon TenX has repeatedly demonstrated the highest tepmy growth among the 100 largest cryptocurrency. TenX (PAY) is the payment a Singapore startup that tries to simplify working with cryptocurrency and make them as affordable and convenient as dollars and euros. It was issued plastic cards, approved by the payment systems VISA and MasterCard.

If payment is made by TenX payment system converts the digital currency into dollars and transfers them to the seller. The same amount of bitcoin is deducted from the purse of the buyer. In the future, the company plans to add mobile wallet service NFC-payments. In other words, goods and services can pay with your smartphone. Customers TenX pay one of the lowest commissions in the market, in addition, they can keep themselves on the map of the cryptocurrency, not the equivalent value in dollars.

The project TenX shows that the digital currency will come into our lives faster than expected. The company has struggled to achieve this moment. On August 21 capitalization TenX is 64 million dollars, one coin is worth $0,589.


Recently, the cryptocurrency Nano shows good growth. Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) is characterized by a high-speed transaction processing and does not require trust between the parties. It is based on an architecture in which each account has its own blockchain.

The blockchain for each user is recorded information about transactions and current balance. Working with him can only be the owner. This means that all transactions occur instantaneously and asynchronously. Because each side has its own bloccano, transfer of funds requires two independent transactions instead of one. The sender records the fact of payment, and the payee is the fact of receipt of the cryptocurrency into the account.

Nano provides unlimited scalability and instant processing of transactions; the Commission in the system do not exist. This became possible due to the minimal resources required to maintain network operation. On the evening of August 21 capitalization Nano is 233 million dollars, one coin is about $1.7.

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