AMD is preparing to release a new performance GPU


The AMD plan to the end of 2018 to introduce the first card of the new generation, which will differ higher performance. In 2019, will feature a new processor in the framework of the project ZEN 2, aimed at improving computing power products giant, noted in a company blog.

The new line will be of particular interest to miners using graphics cards for mining virtual currencies. A project to develop and launch the GPU and CPU of the new generation of AMD implements in partnership with the Taiwanese TSMC Corporation engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor products.

In parallel, the specialists AMD tasked to improve the performance of products from AMD Ryzen, AMD Radeon and AMD EPYC. The financing of projects the company is engaged in GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Top managers of AMD are confident that the changes will attract even more customers from different lines of business.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on the background of the soaring cost of digital currencies at the end of last years video card manufacturers have received huge profits from the sale of its products. However, in 2018, the cryptocurrency became cheaper, which led to a drop in demand for components for mining.

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