American crypto currency exchange created the Association of digital products


August 20, four American Gemini cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitstamp, Bittrex and bitFlyer announced the creation of a self-regulatory organization called “Association of digital products”.

The new company will support the major investors in kriptonyte and development of a unified market standards. The first meeting of the Association will be held in September this year. The organization will create a working group that will develop strategy for the fight against manipulation of digital assets, as well as methods of increasing the liquidity of cryptocurrencies.

One of the largest American kryptomere Coinbase refused to participate in the project, so the Association will represented by only 4 of the stock exchange. The company Gemini brothers the Winklevoss already has experience in monitoring and redressing manipulation of virtual currencies, so it will lead the research in this area.

Apparently, the Association of digital products will be largely similar to the Japanese Association of cryptocurrency exchanges, but the U.S. organization will work in all areas of kryptonyte and monitor the markets a variety of digital products, including Bitcoin ETF (if their creation will still be OK)!

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