American rapper T. I. accused of fraud cryptocurrency investors


American rapper T. I. accused of fraud cryptocurrency investors

As transfers news Agency wished to promote News, is an American rapper, actor and producer hip— hop— music-Clifford Harris, known by his stage name T. I., is suspected of defrauding 25 investors who he convinced to invest in the cryptocurrency FLiK Token.

In a statement, the plaintiffs accuse Harris and his business partner Raana Felton in securities fraud and require to recover their losses in the amount of $5 million.

According to the publication TMZ, the organizers of the project assured investors that the price of a token FLiK, which in August 2017 was 6 cents in 15 months will rise to $14,99. However, by August 2018, the cryptocurrency was worth less than a penny, which the plaintiffs lost more than $2 million.

Edition Blast quotes the case in which T. I. and Felton charged that through “media, “star” advertising and well-known experts in this sector has created among investors a false impression that FLiK tokens are a valuable marketable instrument.”

The case also featured the actor— comedian Kevin HART and an American entrepreneur, the billionaire owner of a basketball team “Dallas Mavericks” mark Cuban — not as defendants but as examples of what the team FLiK Token introduced investors into the misconception, persuading that these two celebrities are connected with their business.

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