Analysis of the cryptocurrency market over the past week with 15.10.2018 for 21.10.2018


Analysis of the cryptocurrency market over the past week with 15.10.2018 for 21.10.2018

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency in a week”.

The past week has been, overall, positive for the cryptocurrency market. In the first ten Coinmarketcap no bitcoin ended the week in the negative, and some coins recorded a significant growth of capitalization. Most (15%) grew cryptocurrency Stellar, 9,5% gained XRP, +5,5% in Cardano. Other top cryptocurrencies have risen in the range of 3-4%.

Despite the optimistic result of this week, Mike Novogratz upheld its cautious forecast for the bitcoins. In the opinion of the investor and kryptoperidinium, to the end of the year bitcoin will rise above $ 10,000 dollars, and really strong growth in the first cryptocurrencies will happen in the first half of 2019. That’s when the market will come from new institutional investors with serious capital, said Novogratz.

SEO and Civic Winnie Lingam admits that the cryptocurrency market could be further collapse. Lingam does not consider the entire stock market bubble, but I’m sure the greed of investors provokes the creation of local bubbles, as in the end of 2017. Because of this, the capitalization of the market falls to 80% within a few months. The head of the Civic does not exclude that the next time the bitcoin exchange rate actually may drop to $ 100. Lingam would prefer that the stock market has developed slowly but steadily.

Earlier in the week there was a great crash course stablon Tether. The coin, which must be traded at a ratio of 1:1 to vietnamu the dollar, on some commercial sites cost just 92 cents. In cryptosuite were rumors that the company Tether serious financial problems, and it is not able to provide their cryptocurrency to support the course. One of the leaders of the Tether Ltd Leonardo RIL, commented on the events of recent days, once again stating that all amounts USDT fully provided with Fiat assets. RIL in referred to validation data Tether, conducted by Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan. However, members of the FSS stressed that validation is not a full audit, and data cannot be used as evidence.

Global updates for network broadcast Constantinople, held in testate Ropsten, was not without problems. In the beginning there was delay in generating unit 4 230 000, which was supposed to activate the update. After the appearance of the block, the developers noticed that the network does not pass the transaction, was also identified problems with the consensus. According to Africa of Sedona of Parity, most of the problems occurred due to the fact that many miners did not have time for the right moment to update the client. However, the team decided to postpone hardwork Constantinople in the core network broadcast at the beginning of 2019. Initially the option was considered of holding hard forks in November 2018.

And in the core network Monero took place hardwork, in which the system was implemented Protocol Bulletproofs. This Protocol replaced the technology RingCT, the update also contained a number of fixes for the complexity of mining cryptocurrencies with asik miners. As a result of successful integration Bulletproofs the average size of commissions in the network was reduced by 90%. The average volume of transactions Wasilla about 80%.

Litecoin Core team also promises a 10-fold decrease in commissions after the release of Litecoin Core 0.17. Now the average Commission per transaction laytkoina is about $0,05, after the release of version 0.17 is expected to decline to $0,005. One of the developers of litecoin Adrian Gallagher also noted that in 3-6 months he expects the global trend change in the stock market (bearish to bullish).

Network NEO hardwork is scheduled for November 10 – with his help, the team is going to distribute to the holders of coins tokens new NEO NEO Super. For each token NEO user will get 2 NEOX. The project NEO Super has no relationship to the official team NEO, in fact, some people consider it fraudulent. 9 September, one of the community members published on the post, which drew attention to the very short white paper of the project and the lack of any information about the team NEO Super. NEO developers also noted their lack of involvement in NEOX and urged users to be careful.

Team QTUM has introduced a new mechanism of consensus SCAR. This technology allows you to customize each unit depending on the network load. The use of SCAR will help to avoid inflating the blockchain at high network loads.

The crypto now supports token 0x.
Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx this week added to the listing just four stablein: TrueUSD, USD Coin, Gemini Dollar and Paxos Standard Token. After a few days of adding these coins are announced crypto currency exchange Huobi.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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