Analysis of the cryptocurrency market over the past week with 24.09.2018 on 30.09.2018


Analysis of the cryptocurrency market over the past week with 24.09.2018 on 30.09.2018

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency in a week”.

Last week a large part of the cryptocurrency showed negative dynamics. In TOP 10 Coinmarketcap for the first seven days nailed only XRP (+5,5%)once again risen to second place in terms of capitalization and Cash Bitcoin (+10%). Courses other top cryptocurrencies at the end of the week dropped, lost Monero (-8,5%) and Stellar (-7,5%).

Known cryptosporidial and financier, CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz last week and gave several interviews. Mike noted that he expects the growth of the stock market in the near future thanks to the arrival of the industry’s major players. Now for institutional investors creates an array of convenient services and tools for trading cryptocurrencies reputable support providers. The level of Starbucks and Microsoft now are kriptonyte much more serious and launch joint projects with CryptoStream. The novogratz also gave its forecast for the exchange rate of bitcoin to the end of 2018 according to the expert, the first cryptocurrency should rise to $8800, or even $10,000.

And co-founder Chris Klein and even admits that bitcoin to the end of the year “fly” for $ 40,000. For optimism Klein there are several significant reasons. First, the expert does not doubt the imminent launch of a bitcoin ETF that should attract the major players. Secondly, after the development of Mastercard technologies to accelerate transactions based on the blockchain in cryoinjury believe even the skeptics. Third, the blockchain transaction as a transfer method and data transfer is gaining popularity, regardless of short-term crises on market: through 2018, the total number of transactions grew each month, by mid-summer was about 230 000 per day.

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors, also known for his optimistic attitude towards cryptocurrencies noted that in a short time, the ether may recover the ground lost during 2018. In the early years If predicted growth of up to ETH $ 1,900, however, since then, coins have lost more than 70%. Now If I am sure that the bearish trend for cryptocurrency ended, as has ended panic selling token-ICO-start-UPS.

However, Thomas does not agree analyst Diar Larry Cermak, who believes that the air still is where to fall. According to research from Diar ICO startups were still more than a third obtained in the course of krautsalat ether, and coins may be sold in the near future. Such a massive liquidation of inventory will push prices down, despite the fact that in the short term of the ETN may test the level of $300 on the wave of the downtrend.

Technical analyst Marek Paciorkowski from Polish company Aforti Exchange at all. Paciorkowski identified on the chart BTC the figure of “Triangle” with converging boundaries. If the first is breached the lower boundary, it can trigger the collapse of cryptocurrencies. Also not in favor of further growth says lower volatility, which demonstrates the Bollinger Bands indicator. Although a drop to $ 100 – the most negative scenario, Paciorkowski believes that such a collapse would be enough to break through support of $5500.

Captainvalor and billionaire Zhao Dong believes that the period of decline in the stock market is a great opportunity to purchase digital coins at a low price. The don expects growth only after 2019, so, in his words, captainvalor there are still 15 months for a profitable return.

At the end of the weeks the network got a document that testifies to the mutual voting and “kickbacks” among manufacturers of power EOS. The document was allegedly made by the employee of crypto currency exchange Huobi, which is one of the delegates EOS. The document stated that the representatives of Huobi voted for 20 producers of blocks, and in response, received 16 votes from other delegates. The document also specified the amount of monetary “kickbacks”: vote in favor of the eosiosg11111 Huobi gets 170 EOS, and for the support cochainworld – 150 EOS.

Acne Buterin has high hopes for the technology of zk-snarks used in zcash for – in his opinion, it can solve the scaling problem of the ether. Zk-snarks allows you to process up to 500 transactions per second, while it is easier to implement than the second level, such as Plasma or Raiden.

Network Tezos was discovered and successfully removed a bug 20 times reduce the system performance. To troubleshoot the issue developers took several hours. And Monero was removed a bug that allows you to burn tokens on the wallets of the cryptocurrency companies and stock exchanges. The scenario of this attack painted one of the community members on the page of the Monero Reddit.

The project developer 0x will Warren announced the launch of the second version of the exchange Protocol in the network. The developers promise that the smart contracts are a new version will be one of the most reliable on the blockchain ether. In addition, the new version supports multiple token formats, including ERC721 and ERC20.

Coinbase announced support for the pound exchange all arrogant company. The service is only available to UK residents. In addition, the company has launched a number of information and analytical services aimed at the beginners who captainvalor.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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