Andreas Antonopoulos: Governments can’t stop bitcoin.


Andreas Antonopoulos: Governments can’t stop bitcoin.

Andreas Antonopoulos said:

“Ideas are powerful, and ideas are changing the future of money is more effective than anything in human history. Not people, but ideas. And the good news is that BTC is not people, it’s ideas.”

Andreas said that although there are many supporters of cryptocurrency, but fundamentally it’s an idea. He went on to say:

“… and truly beautiful, this idea, which was transformed into some mathematical formula and is intended as a software. So this idea is now available online, and it does not start in one place.”

Since it is impossible to do anything with the idea that the government considered its authority to ban cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and bitcoin. Andreas explains that he does not question the authority of governments, but only their ability to act according to their powers.

He further stated that government is subject to verification through the BTC. According to him, bitcoin compels the government to reveal its true face. Andreas said that countries that respect the freedom of the individual, support BTC and other digital currency, or at least not prohibit them.

In conclusion, Andreas Antonopoulos said that the government will try to stop bitcoin, but will eventually fail. This is due to the fact that when it comes to choosing between the future of their children and obeying a stupid law, people choose the first option.

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