Anniversary. Bitcoin celebrated 10th birthday


Blockchain-industry emerged only in 2008, since then it was covered with rumors and speculation, some governments have banned digital money, others recognized them as legal tender. We decided to go the way of the formation of the industry from the very beginning

The birthday of bitcoin accepted 31 October 2008, when an anonymous developer or group of programmers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” (Bitcoin: peer-to-peer payment system). This day appointed to the time of the birth of a new blockchain industry, but the cryptocurrency has appeared only in the beginning of next year — when it was mined the Genesis block.


January 3, 2009 can be considered the real birthday of bitcoin. It was then mined the Genesis block, in which is written the date and a short excerpt from a magazine article The Times: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

January 12 Satoshi Nakamoto made the first transaction in a cryptocurrency network, he sent the coins to the developer Hal Finney. Nine months later, on 5 October, Bitcoin appeared on the New Liberty standard exchange for $1 can be purchased 1309 coins (now they cost $8.5 million).


In 2010 year was made the first online purchase of Bitcoin may 22, 2010 Laszlo Hanes bought two pizzas for 10 thousand bitcoins, now this day is called Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated by cryptomnesia around the world. At average rate dinner is now Laszlo is worth about $65 million.

At the beginning of February was opened the first official Bitcoin exchange Market, and on July 12, the price of the coin for the first time reached the level of $0.08 for five days it has increased ten times. In November, the capitalization of the currency reached $1 million.


9 Feb Bitcoin for the first time equal to the dollar value, this year there were opened several platforms, which offered the exchange of cryptocurrency for Fiat currency, e.g., GBP, BRL and PLN. 16 APR on new assets first wrote a major publication, Time magazine published an article about bitcoin. The total capitalization of the currency has reached the level of $10 million.

For six months the coin has risen more than 30 times — June 8, on the exchange Mt.Gox was fixed $rate of 31.91, after a few days it fell to $10.13 June is considered the first day when the theft occurred cryptocurrency: user allinvain said that his wallet took 25 thousand coins, which at the time was equivalent to $375 thousand.

19 Jun hackers broke into the database of the exchange Mt. Gox, which suffered 60 thousand users, and one of the crooks opened the account, the administration of the marketplace and sent out thousands of fake bitcoins. As a result, the course of bitcoin fell from $17.5 to $0,01.


This year, the organization was created Bitcoin Foundation. On 28 November, the reward for mining a single bitcoin block dropped from 50 to 25 coins. and in Europe, the first cryptocurrency exchange has obtained a banking license.


Bitcoin exchange rate recovered more than six years, at the end of February 2013, he has again reached the level of $31. In March, the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies for the first time exceeded $1 billion. By November of that year, the coin’s value increased almost 30 times: broke the mark of $1000.

In December, the authorities of China and Norway banned the use of digital money, and from the accounts of users stole more than $100 million in bitcoin. This caused a sharp drop in bitcoin exchange rate, which by mid-month it fell to $458.


On January 28 on suspicion of money laundering arrested the Vice-President of the Bitcoin Foundation and on 7 February, the exchange Mt. Gox has suspended work because of a vulnerability in the network of cryptocurrency. After a few days the same problems were discovered and the other major exchanges, Bitcoin value declined by 30% up to $600.


In 2015 American platform to trade digital money Coinbase raised $75 million in the collection of the investment for development, the value of the cryptocurrency had been gradually declining for six months in June, dropping to $220. After that, the price began to rise again, by December, she again reached the level of $440.


Japanese authorities have recognized bitcoin and other digital money means of payment. Several major services such as Uber and Steam started to accept the cryptocurrency, the price gradually increased.


5 Jan 2017 Bitcoin exchange rate again reached the level of $1150 and 1st of September, he overcame the level of $5000. In the fall of the government of China has imposed a strict ban on the cryptocurrency trading and holding of ICO. The South Korean authorities also banned the projects for the initial placement of tokens.

On 6 December, when the price of bitcoin was $12 000, the currency climbed to fifth place in terms of capitalization, ahead of the ruble. In the middle of the month, two major Chicago platform CBOE and CME launched a bitcoin futures, then the value of the coins has reached a historic high of $20 thousand.


The government of major countries are actively discussing the issue of market regulation digital money in China and South Korea offer options to mitigate the control of the industry. In summer, Reserve Bank of India banned controlled organisations financial service companies that are connected with the digital money, then closed the largest exchange in the country Zebpay.

During the year, the market value of digital money dropped from $830 billion to $200 billion. Bitcoin for several months, trading between $6300-$6800, the volatility of bitcoin has fallen to a record low 1.5%.

In December, the operator of the new York stock exchange is preparing to launch a platform for institutional investors Bakkt, the first product of which will be a bitcoin futures postavnoy physical asset. Also a major investment company Fidelity plans to open a cold storage wallet cryptocurrency major players.

Ten years is a negligible period for the development of the industry, it has reached epic proportions. Technology continues to grow, despite fluctuations in the value of digital money, the scandals and rumors swirling around. So 10 years is only the beginning. We are confident!

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