Anonymous project Manager Oyster Pearl suspect to exit same with $300 000


Anonymous project Manager Oyster Pearl suspect to exit same with $300 000

Users of cryptocurrency Oyster (PRL) 30 October sounded the alarm in social networks, suspecting that the founder of this project, acting under the pseudonym Bruno Block, deceived investors. This writes the Blockchain Reporter.

In the official telegram channel project administrators have placed an ad:

Reported that someone took control of a smart contract. NOTHING BUY. We are waiting for additional information and trying to close trading on KuCoin right now!

Someone is controlling the smart contract, released and immediately sold 300 000 tokens, generated about $300 000. It seems that the attacker consciously began to operate at night, when employees of the exchange KuCoin — the largest site on which trading is being transacted Pearl were asleep.

The project, which ultimately became something of stablon, offering a distributed data storage based on the directed acyclic graph IOTA based unknown under the pseudonym Bruno Block. Judging by recent events, the reason for his anonymity was very prosaic.

Partly due to anonymity and time selected for the “operation.” From 1 November KuCoin launches the verification of identity of customers, then anonymous traders will be able to withdraw more than two bitcoins per day.

According to the telegram— channel project, recent inspections have not identified weaknesses:

Three of audit had not identified any bugs in the smart contract Oyster Pearl. The management contract was to remain open so we could adjust the reference asset. This morning the right to manage was transferred to the Ethereum address monitored by Bruno Block; the new Manager was able to produce 3 million to PRL.

Because the assignment of token is to serve as a medium of exchange that allows you to buy storage space and storage cost decreases over time, tied to each coin storage capacity had to be adjusted. However, this feature also gave Bruno the opportunity to re-launch the ICO and produce millions of new tokens.

Team members stated that shocked by the betrayal of Bruno. They are asking the public to report the whereabouts of the cheater. The team owns 5% of the total stock of token PRL, however, these coins can be useless if the project fails to save. While his future is unclear.

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