Another cryptohome: 1.5 million rubles for bitcoins


A victim of swindlers became a resident of the city of Cheboksary. It has translated more than 1.5 million sellers of bitcoins, reported the press service of the interior Ministry of the Chuvash Republic.

In the hope of getting easy money a victim of fraud fill out an application on the website, which offered high returns from investing in cryptocurrency. For this 39-year-old woman pointed contact details, details of personal Bank card and attached the scanned documents.

As expected, she was contacted by the organizers of this scheme. To buy bitcoin you can send money to multiple accounts.

In this case, the victim had to take a few microloans, lay a one-bedroom apartment and a car. After receiving the money, the organizers ceased to leave on communication, bitcoin promised her no one sent.

Police are trying to identify the fraudsters. But it will not be easy, as they, as it turned out, are outside the Chuvash Republic.

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