“Anti-corruption” Alliance McAfee luring cryptocurrency from HitBTC


“Anti-corruption” Alliance McAfee luring cryptocurrency from HitBTC

Exchange HitBTC once again hit the headlines, this time due to the fact that her opponent CoinBene made the “anarchist” statement: any cryptocurrency that voluntarily leave HitBTC, will be free of charge on CoinBene. This step became possible thanks to the Alliance of the latter with John McAfee, who, in fact, promised to pay for the listing. Thus the allies are going to fight corruption in the cryptocurrency sphere. McAfee stated that it would continue “to exert pressure” on HitBTC.

The war against HitBTC McAfee announced quite a while ago. June 30 this year, he tweeted:

I fired the first shot in the war should be conducted. Our exchange associated with our banks and governments. To destroy the system, we must first crush our exchange. The era of distributed exchanges. I took HitBTC because she’s the worst.

On Reddit gathered an impressive number of traders, angered by the commissions HitBTC and, more importantly, the arbitrary freezing of funds and accounts. Two-thirds of the posts on the subforum users of the exchange on Reddit contain negative reviews about its services.

John McAfee points to Apollo as a model for other cryptocurrencies. On 5 September, her team announced the decision to abandon the listing at HitBTC, calling the cause “a huge number of allegations of fraud” in the address exchange.

September 7, McAfee wrote:

Currency Apollo first decided to boycott the HitBTC, and the price of such a position equal to approximately half a million dollars. If the refusal to support corruption in the cryptocurrency world rewarded, she would get top prize. Do I hear that someone followed her example?

Note that this solution Apollo gained popularity among traders. According to some reports, HitBTC is really asking for the listing of cryptocurrencies around $500 000. Now on the platform there are 738 currencies.

Exchange CoinBene occupies 34th place in the global ranking, while HitBTC enjoys the prestigious seventh position. However, the volume of trading on the CoinBene has now grown by 4.22%, while on HitBTC, this figure decreased by more than 10%.

(Presumably) free advertising campaign from McAfee, undoubtedly, will help the exchange to strengthen its position. Thus, the trading platform there is a prospect soon to be in the top 20 or even top 10. Left to lure about 600 more cryptocurrency and HitBTC will be defeated.

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