Antivirus company Trend Micro found software for hacking cryptomate


Tokyo anti-virus company Trend Micro said in his blog about the ad, in which a user with a fairly solid reputation in the darknet for $25,000 and sells ready-to-use card that supports EMV (chips that store data needed to operate the card) and NFC (allows contactless data transfer between devices).

Trend Micro experts believe that with the help of this card you can use the vulnerability of cryptomatic. The seller’s identity is already quite well known, as it has about 100 reviews for it and other similar SOFTWARE.

However, in another thread of the same forum said that the seller only adapted famous program for hacking ATMs to cryptomate.

According to researchers, the program exploits a vulnerability in the menu terminals, disconnects them from the network, which in turn disables the security system.

“To date, in the cryptocurrency industry money quite a lot, which is why cyber criminals continue to invent new ways that you can use to profit from ordinary users. With the growing number of cryptomate will appear more and more malware targeted at these devices,” writes Trend Micro.

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