Any EOS tokens can now be stored in the wallet Infinito


Any EOS tokens can now be stored in the wallet Infinito

Unique conditions EOS attract more developers that run on the platform of many new decentralized applications. Therefore, a team of multi-currency crypto Infinito decided to help investors and participants free hands to work with EOS and all the tokens in its database, adding their support. In parallel was improved and other aspects of product operation.

Unique opportunities Infinito Wallet

Although the wallet supports many popular cryptocurrency’s developers have taken care of those who invest in startups and participate in the Airdrops. 28 Aug 2018 released an update 1.14.0, which was officially added all tokens created on the blockchain EOS, which greatly improved the quality of the crypto. It makes Infinito Wallet first and only universal wallet supporting coin and token EOS.

Also available to work with ERC20 and NEP-5 and plan to add new formats. In addition to support a new cryptocurrency, has been improved and the functionality of the product.

Prevent confusion

Despite the fact that the names of the accounts in EOS consists of 12 characters, many tokens have identical abbreviations. For example, symbols EDNA is indicated from two different projects: ednazztokens and gy4doojqgyge. In order to avoid confusion added the ability to scan. For this, simply go to the tab “Receive” (Receive), where you can see the code is account and deployed the official name of the token.

View the total balance and separate account

Owners of multiple accounts created using the same private key no longer is necessary to examine each separately. Users can now see the assets of all accounts EOS on the toolbar of the purse. If you want, you can check their details, which is very simple to do, following the guidelines below.

Step 1: On the toolbar, choose a coin EOS.

Step 2: Inside displays the account name by default, and balance. Click on the dropdown icon to display the accounts list.

Step 3: Select the account name to view the balance.

Management issues

The EOS has various levels of access control account that may confuse the users of the platform. Infinito Wallet after upgrade displays the role of each account. Those who have already signed up in July or August, received the status of the owner, which is the highest and allows complete control over the funds. Therefore, one should be mindful of private keys and store them in a safe place.

Also improved display of the error message with insufficient resources for transactions EOS, and added suggestions with the most popular methods of solving problems. The innovation will allow users to learn about the lack of resources (RAM, CPU, NET) for the successful conduct of operations.

Development plans

After the recent addition of export/import private keys, purchase/sale RAM, collection/distribution networks and computing power, empowerment wallet will continue. By the end of 2018 it is planned the release of version 2.0 with new interface UI/UX and full support Cardano (ADA) and the core network Ontology (ONT). In parallel, it will strengthen the relationship with other projects. More detailed about the possibilities of a multi-currency wallet, you can find on the official website or Telegram channel.

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